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Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator (CWISA-102) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator worth it?

For anyone who already works in the wireless network administration field or wants to, the CWISA is probably worth it. Like its name suggests, the CWISA emphasizes familiarity with Internet of Things, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Cellular solutions for machine-to-machine communications. The CWISA is worth it since it proves your skills and preparing it for it will expand your knowledge of wireless IoT solutions.

How much does the CWISA-102 cost?

The CWISA-102 exam itself costs $274.99, but there can be more costs associated with it. For example, if you want to take the practice CWISA exam from CWNP, it'll cost you $149.99. Enrolling in CWNP's official CWISA eLearning class costs $624.99. CWNP offers a bundle of all three that costs $899.99.

Is the Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator exam difficult?

Yes, the Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator certifying exam is difficult. CWISA-102 is an advanced CWNP certification, meant to be earned by networking professionals who are already experienced in wireless network administration and Internet of Things management. Anyone preparing for the CWISA-102 should anticipate technical questions about non-802.11 wireless solution implementation and configuration.

Does Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator expire?

Yes, the Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator (CWISA) retires three years after you earn it. It can be renewed by passing any one of the other professional level certifications from CWNP (CWICP, CWIDP or CWIIP). Earning any of those other professional certs will automatically renew your CWISA. You can also simply retake the CWISA exam within those three years.

How to study for CWISA-102?

The CWISA-102 is a technical exam that focuses on skills and knowledge related to managing, configuring, deploying and troubleshooting non-802.11 wireless solutions like Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), cellular tech (LTE and 5G). The best way to study for the CWISA-102 is to learn the theoretical components of managing and implementing those techs while also getting first-hand practice and experience doing the configurations.
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