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CompTIA Project+ (PK0-004) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is CompTIA Project+ hard?

The CompTIA Project+ is a hard certification because of how many different project management methodologies and approaches it covers. Other project management certifications can be easier because they focus on one, specific methodology. Many students find the CompTIA Project+ hard because in order to prepare for it, you need to study several different project management concepts, not just one single framework’s scope.

Should I get CompTIA Project+?

If you‘re a business professional who coordinates small or medium-sized projects, you should probably get the CompTIA Project+. You should get the Project+ from CompTIA because unlike project management certifications that focus on memorizing specific frameworks or terminology, the Project+ focuses on the actual skills of managing projects. Unless you must have project management credentials for one, specific framework, you should get the CompTIA Project+.

Is Project+ a good cert?

Project+ from CompTIA is a good certification, especially for business professionals who organize and coordinate small or medium-sized projects. The Project+ is a good cert because it isn’t tied to specific project management methodologies, instead it’s a balance of knowledge and skills necessary for good project management. If you need to manage communication, resources and documentation, the Project+ is a good cert.

How long does it take to study for CompTIA Project+?

It should only take about three to four weeks to study for the CompTIA Project+ as long as you’re already familiar with project management concepts and can devote more than two hours a day to studying. On the other hand, if you have no experience or can only spend an hour a day, it could take two to three months to study for CompTIA Project+.

What is the Project+ certification?

The Project+ certification is a project management credential from CompTIA that’s unique for focusing on broad knowledge and skills associated with project management, not on one specific methodology. That means the Project+ certification is broad and generic, and for some project managers, that makes it a very good certification. But there are project managers who need a credential in a specific framework, and the Project+ certification may not be enough in those cases.

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