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Cisco CCNA Security (210-260 IINS) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco CCNA Security training?

You'll learn how to support the security infrastructure for a Cisco network. You'll do more than just learn about tools and methods for recognizing network threats, you'll actually practice mitigating them. You'll also learn the tools that Cisco provides to keep your network safe and how to optimize them.

Who should take this Cisco CCNA Security course?

The best candidates for this course are relatively new networking professionals who need specialized knowledge with Cisco network security tools and technologies. This course provides a lot of information about cybersecurity at a fairly junior level. It's an excellent stepping stone to future, more advanced cybersecurity training and jobs.

Is this training for CCNA Security associated with any certifications?

Technically, no, this training no longer prepares you for a valid certification. The course was designed to help learners pass Cisco's CCNA Security exam (210-260), but Cisco retired that certification altogether and replaced it with a more generalized CCNA. The material on the course remains valid cybersecurity knowledge though.

What other certification should I consider after taking this Cisco CCNA Security course?

You'll be well-prepared for the security portions of Cisco's CCNA after this course and even some of the CCNP Security exam will be easier too. The cybersecurity configurations and concepts will also help you with CompTIA's Security+ – but it's vendor-agnostic so you'll need to do additional preparation beforehand.

Why should you take this Cisco CCNA Security training?

You should take this CCNA Security training to get a deeper than usual understanding of the configurations and settings you can deploy on a Cisco network to keep it secure. It'll no longer lead directly to a certification, but you'll be a highly competent security technician.
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