DevNet Professional

Cisco professional certification

3 to 5 years experience recommended

Exams Towards this Certification

This intermediate Cisco training prepares learners to earn the DevNet Professional certification, which means earning two exams — one core exam (350-901 DEVCOR) and one of eight concentration exams. This playlist includes training for the 300-435 ENAUTO concentration exam.

Don't feel bad if you're not sure what a DevNet certification is — Cisco only released their series of DevNet certifications in February 2020, and plenty of people are still figuring out what a "DevNet Professional" does. But Cisco has made one thing clear: what a DevNet professional knows how to do. A DevNet Professional uses Cisco APIs, programmability strategies, and security and network ops to develop automation and DevOps applications. The DevNet certification track is all about how to develop apps which harness Cisco technologies and tools to bring the various domains of automation, infrastructure as code, Internet of Things, DevOps and Webex under one skillset. This DevNet Professional training prepares a network engineer for earning Cisco's third and (currently) highest certification in their track of three DevNet certs. For anyone who manages their Cisco training, this Cisco training can be used for DevNet Professional certification prep, onboarding new network engineers, individual or team training plans, or as a Cisco reference resource.

DevNet Professional: What You Need to Know

This DevNet Professional training covers these topics:

  • Developing apps with core Cisco platforms and APIs
  • Using Cisco Enterprise Solutions to implement automation
  • Automating with Cisco Collaboration, Data Center, Service Provider and Security Solutions
  • Implementing DevOps solutions and practices on Cisco tech
  • Developing apps for Cisco Webex and solutions for IoT platforms

Who Should Take DevNet Professional Training?

This DevNet Professional training is considered professional-level Cisco training, which means it was designed for network engineers with three to five years of experience with Cisco network automation.

New or aspiring network engineers

If you're a brand new network engineer, or you hope to move into that career field, prepare yourself, because this DevNet Professional training represents a high hurdle. This training is broad and deep, covering many different topics of designing and implementing applications that harness DevOps, automation, Internet of Things and Webex. You have a lot ahead of you on the road to becoming DevNet certified, but this training is how you can get there early in your career.

Experienced network engineers

If you've been working as a network engineer for several years, becoming a DevNet professional will require incorporating new skills and knowledge about designing and implementing applications that allow Cisco devices and technologies to synchronize and make holistic DevOps and automation solutions possible. This DevNet Professional certification will prepare you for the most advanced topics in writing and planning those automation apps with Cisco tools.

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