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Cisco CCDA Design (200-310 DESGN) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this network design training?

This course covers the essentials of network design: how to take a company's business requirements and turn them into a network that satisfies all their needs. This is an associate-level course on designing a Cisco network, it covers theoretical approaches to planning out networks as well as the practical skills of developing and implementing one.

Who should take this Cisco network design course?

Networking professionals whose job responsibilities include designing new Cisco networks, implementing network designs or updating existing networks to new standards should take this course. This course helps explain all the questions that should be asked and steps that should be followed when a network gets designed and implemented, making sure you're a practiced and experienced network designer.

Is this training in associate-level network design associated with any certifications?

This course was originally designed to help learners prepare for the CCDA: Cisco's associate-level certification in network design. Cisco retired the CCDA and its exam 200-310 DESGN when they expanded the CCNA. But the information on the course is still perfectly valuable and valid for any associate-level networking professionals who have to deal with design and implementation.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in designing Cisco networks?

Cisco moved away from individual, specialized associate-level certifications like the CCDA and consolidated as much associate-level knowledge as they could under the CCNA. So if you don't have the CCNA yet, that might be the cert to start working toward. If you need a network design certification, you might consider the expert-level CCDE, which has a practical and written exam.

Why should you take this Cisco network design training?

An understanding of network design principles makes any networking professional better at their job, no matter the context. It's one thing to apply updates and configurations to network devices, but when you understand the underlying design purpose a network node or device serves, you can make decisions and recommendations that improve the network as a whole.

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