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Cisco CCNP Security FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco CCNP Security training?

You won't just learn what it takes to be a leading expert in maintaining network security with Cisco network technology, you'll get first-hand practice and experience. This CCNP Security training covers general concepts like anticipating common threats or recognizing attacks to specific implementations like configuring a site to site VPN.

Who should take this Cisco CCNP Security course?

This CCNP Security course is great for network security professionals who've been in the industry for a few years. It's also good for IT professionals who want to move over to the security side of the house. And of course it's ideal if you're considering Cisco's CCNP Security exam.

Is this Cisco CCNP Security training associated with any certifications?

Yes, this course was designed with Cisco's CCNP Security certification in mind. But that doesn't mean it's nothing but exam prep and memorization. This CCNP training is successful at preparing students for the CCNP core and concentration exams because so much of it takes place in virtual sims and practice environments.

What certification should you consider after taking this Cisco CCNP Security course?

This is a network security course first, and provides first-hand experience configuring Cisco security equipment and utilities – that means you can take it even if you're not after a cert. But it was specially designed to prepare learners for both the CCNP Security certifying exam 350-701 and 300-710 concentration exam.

Why should you take this Cisco CCNP Security training?

You should take this Cisco CCNP Security training even if you're not interested in earning a certification – mastering cybersecurity principles and Cisco configurations is a key to long-term career stability. Some of the best jobs in IT are in cybersecurity and after this course you'll be more than qualified.

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