Survey Says Most People Need 3 Months or More to Study for the AWS Certified Developer – Associate Exam

by Ross Heintzkill | Published on September 12, 2022

Being able to use the AWS cloud is a good thing. Knowing how to develop, deploy and debug cloud-based applications in the AWS cloud is even better. The AWS Certified Developer - Associate is a certification earned by cloud solutions architects or cloud developers early in their career, but it's not easy.

CBT Nuggets wanted to find out how long it takes to prepare for the certifying exam DVA-C01, so we surveyed IT professionals who've earned their AWS Certified Developer and asked them how long it took to study. Nearly 100 people answered our Twitter survey, LinkedIn poll and emailed survey.

How long did most people need to study for the DVA-C01?

Our survey had four options: less than 6 weeks, 6 weeks to 3 months, 3-5 months, and more than 5 months. Out of the 100 people we surveyed, the results are just about evenly split among those four options. 30% of IT professionals said it took them less than 6 weeks to study for the DVA-C01 while 30% said it took them more than 5 months to prepare. Where do those big gaps in study time and preparation come from?

how long to study for aws certified developer survey data

The difference between those two groups almost certainly comes down to experience and using outside learning materials. IT professionals who prepare on their own, watching videos where they can find them, and scrounging for AWS development training will be the ones who take more than 5 months to prepare. But students with first-hand experience developing in the AWS cloud and those who follow a learning program that covers all the DVA-C01 learning objectives tend to finish much faster.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that large gaps in prep time are due to the quality of materials. Some students take a long time to get through a great course. According to Molly Billow, CBT Nuggets senior coach, a training schedule is the real key to success. 

"The trick is to pick a time and stick to it. It's not always going to be easy. Get into the rut of studying,” Billow says. "Try to stick your training habit to something you already do. For instance, after you pour your first cup of coffee, you start training."

How should you prepare ahead of taking DVA-C01? 

To achieve the AWS Certified Developer - Associate, a candidate has to show that they know how to use the AWS service APIs, can use a CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications to AWS, can write code for cloud-native apps, and know how to use AWS tools to debug code and modules. And if you want to take less than 5 months to prepare for the DVA-C01, you should use an online DVA-C01 course that covers each of those topics together to prepare for the exam.

Using a coach can be a great way to prepare ahead of DVA-C01. A coach's job isn't necessarily to know more about the material than you, but to remind you of good study habits, what has worked for other students, and why you're even doing the course in the first place. Samantha Matta has been a CBT Nuggets coach since 2018 and reminds her students preparing for the AWS Certified Developer that "high levels [of certs] means lots of career opportunities!" She says it’s important to stay diligent and follow the AWS Certified Developer - Associate study materials and to help yourself stay on track.

Tools to help you become test-ready before AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam day:

The DVA-C01 doesn't just test your knowledge, it tests your ability to actually write cloud-based apps, deploy them through AWS, and ensure they keep working effectively. It can be a lot for one test, especially if you don't have much work experience to lean on. Here are a few ways to get ready for the DVA-C01.

Learn from an expert-led course

Make sure you're ready for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam by finding a course that challenges your abilities and real-world experience. The CBT Nuggets AWS Certified Developer - Associate online training includes tactical skills from highly-certified pros like Bart Castle and Trevor Sullivan. That sort of expert experience makes it a lot easier and faster to prepare for the Certified Developer cert. 

Use virtual labs

Virtual labs shorten how long it takes to prepare for the DVA-C01 by forcing you to actually practice the real-world skills of cloud development in a completely safe environment and learn from your mistakes.

Test yourself using practice exams

Rather than take 5 months preparing for the DVA-C01 and heading to your exam not actually knowing if you're ready or not, you can use practice exams from CBT Nuggets. Once you see what parts of the exam you're ready for and which you're not, you can speed up your study and be ready for the AWS Certified Developer - Associate in 3 months or less.

Ready to start studying? Check out the AWS Certified Developer Associate training course and teach yourself the skills you’ll need to ace the exam.

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