We Polled Cloud+ Takers to Find Out How Long You Should Study Before Test Day

by Ross Heintzkill | Published on August 31, 2023

In the IT industry, certifications usually relate to a specific vendor or manufacturer. CompTIA breaks that norm – they publish industry certifications that relate to broad skills and whole categories of technology. The Cloud+ from CompTIA is an early-career certification earned by IT professionals who want to work in the cloud and prove that they have the technical skills necessary to work with cloud infrastructures no matter who the provider is.

The Cloud+ is a great way to start your cloud career, but how long are you going to spend getting ready for it? CBT Nuggets reached out to IT professionals over Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook to find out how long it took to prepare for the Cloud+. With the results of our survey, we know how long it takes to prepare for the Cloud+, how you can prepare even faster, and – most importantly – how to actually manage and implement cloud-based technologies.

How long did most people need to study for the Cloud+?

76% of Cloud+ certified professionals needed less than 3 months to prepare for the exam. Out of that number, most people needed even less time. Nearly half (49%) of IT professionals with the Cloud+ needed less than 6 weeks to prepare.

13% of people needed between 3 and 5 months, and 11% needed more than 5 months to prepare for the Cloud+: it's safe to say that the Cloud+ is among the easier of IT certifications. But just because it's on the easier side doesn't mean it takes no effort at all. A bigger number of IT professionals needed more than 6 weeks to prepare than needed less than 6 weeks, and that's because the Cloud+ exam covers many different topics in cloud administration and security.

It's safe to say that with the right training materials and attitude, you could be ready to take the Cloud+ exam in a matter of weeks. However, plenty of people assumed they could wing it and figure the contents of the test out on their own, and it's those people who tend to take more than 3 months – or even more than 5. There are right ways and wrong ways to go about learning what's on the Cloud+ exam and getting your hands on them could mean having one of the better IT certifications for new cloud professionals in a matter of weeks.

How should you prepare ahead of taking Cloud+?

The Cloud+ isn't tied to any single cloud vendor, instead it covers skills and knowledge that relate to cloud administration and security broadly. That's why it's so important to find learning materials that do the same. If you want to prepare for the Cloud+ in under 6 weeks, the first step is to find an online Cloud+ training that introduces cloud concepts broadly and also helps you understand how they get implemented specifically.

But the knowledge of what's on the test isn't enough – Cloud+ is a practical certification, which means it's especially good at testing your real-world skills and abilities. So you want to find a course that teaches you about the skills needed to manage cloud-based infrastructures but also gives you ways to practice them. A course that covers cloud architecture, security, deployments, operations and troubleshooting while finding ways to practice implementing all that is the key to preparing for the Cloud+ in less than 6 weeks.

Tips to make sure you’re test-ready before Cloud+ exam day:

The Cloud+ exam covers technical subjects like analyzing a business for its network requirements and choosing the right cloud model for implementation, maintaining and debugging OS configurations, running automation and orchestration procedures for a cloud network, and migrating on-prem data to the cloud. Make sure that the Cloud+ is right for you and that it's worth it for your career.

You have to know how to actually do those things, not just explain them. As you prepare for the Cloud+, don't just read about topics like those, find ways to practice them.

Use virtual labs

A virtual lab is one of the best ways to prepare for the Cloud+ since it simulates the real-world setting exactly and lets you do whatever you want, without worrying about breaking anything. Like a giant sandbox, you can try out cloud configurations or experiment with troubleshooting whatever you like. And when you're done, you can reset the virtual lab to its original state and start all over. CBT Nuggets courses incorporate virtual labs with training so that you get practice with real skills in addition to gaining knowledge about the topic.

Test yourself using practice exams

Having access to practice exams is another great way to accelerate how long it takes to prepare for the Cloud+. A lot of the time it takes to prepare for certification exams can be wasted because you're covering subjects you already know, but you might not be certain that you're ready. CBT Nuggets practice exams are modeled on the real certification exams so you can take a practice exam and focus on just the areas of cloud management you're not ready for, and skip over the things you've gotten down.

Learn from the experts

Probably the most obvious way to successfully prepare for the Cloud+ is with an expert in the field who doesn't just know the world of cloud administration, but has taken the Cloud+ exam and knows how it's changed over the years. All the trainers at CBT Nuggets are experts in their field and develop their videos with the actual certification tests in mind. You'll learn the content in Cloud+ in the same order that it's presented on the exam, using the same terminology and concepts. You can always watch the first video in a CBT Nuggets series for free to see if the person teaching it is right for you.

If you want a career in cloud administration, the Cloud+ is probably the single best certification to start with. But it's not the only one – there are other CompTIA certs you might consider as well. But Cloud+ is a great, vendor-agnostic certification that tests your familiarity with the most valuable cloud-related skills in IT. 

If you want to prepare for the Cloud+ exam in less than 6 weeks, your best bet is with an online course developed by an expert who knows what to expect on the test, and has augmented the course with practice exams to keep you on track and virtual labs to test your real-world skills. You'll get all of that from a course from CBT Nuggets. A free week of a CBT Nuggets membership will show you not just what's on the Cloud+, but gives you full access to any course CBT Nuggets has ever created. Try a free week and see if it's the right way for you to prepare for the Cloud+ in less than 6 weeks.

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