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This week: State of DevOps

by Team Nuggets
This week: State of DevOps picture: A
Published on June 4, 2021

This week, we are taking a deep dive into DevSecOps, whether DevOps is still a good career (hint: It is) and how to prepare for future trends in DevOps.

6 Tools and Methods to Secure DevOps Pipelines

Securing pipelines is a crucial responsibility for all DevOps pros. There's a lot of tools to choose from. Discover some of the most popular tools and practices for keeping DevOps pipelines safer.

What is the Future of DevOps and How to Prepare

DevOps is clearly here to stay. Now that the popular methodology is becoming widely adopted, it's time to ponder the future of DevOps.

Is DevOps a Good Career in 2021?

Despite being a mindset, DevOps has become a popular job title of recent. With more DevOps-focused jobs out there, we looked at whether it’s a good career to pursue.

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