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New Training: Explain BGP Concepts

by Team Nuggets
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Published on May 11, 2021

In this 7-video skill, CBT Nuggets trainer Jeff Kish covers BGP concepts, including BGP peerings, BGP path selection, and multiprotocol BGP (MP-BGP). Watch this new Cisco training.

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This training includes:

  • 7 videos

  • 33 minutes of training

You’ll learn these topics in this skill:

  • Intro

  • BGP Concepts

  • BGP Peerings

  • BGP Path Selection 1-4

  • BGP Path Selection 5-12

  • Multiprotocol BGP (MP-BGP)

  • Review and Quiz

How Does BGP Peering Support Today's Highly Complex Internet?

You may not think twice about the incredible speed and performance that the common ISPs facilitate in providing basic access to the internet. A request to view a web page traverses the globe, comes back, and within milliseconds your web page is rendered. This extremely intricate and sophisticated system is all supported by an advanced routing system that determines how data is transmitted over the internet. One of the critical components within this intricate system is BGP.

BGP Routing uses advanced routing optimization techniques to determine the shortest path between two internet-connected machines. This is achieved through what is known as BGP Peers, who store routing information to help facilitate data transmission. Think of BGP as GPS for internet transmission and BGP Peers as checkpoints that store information about the transmission lengths between various BGP Peers. As data attempts to traverse the internet, complex shortest path algorithms will assess which transmission paths will facilitate the shortest distance traveled, all facilitated by these BGP Routing Peers.

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