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Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Online Training

Note: The exam associated with this course was retired. However, this course still retains value as a training resource.
If you'd like to prepare for the newest exam, please watch our Visual Studio Code (VS Code) Essentials Online Training course.This course will be retired from our catalog on 6/1/24.

In this intermediate software development skills training, Garth Schulte covers how to start programming in HTML with JavaScript and CCS3.

HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 are dominating forces in web development. And they will be for the foreseeable future, so it's a perfect time to learn these fundamentals of web development. After finishing this software development training, you'll know how to use many of the HTML5 features for creating semantically rich page structures, understand the dynamic interaction of structure, and be able to create content using JavaScript and related technologies such as jQuery, AJAX, and JSON -- all while making it look snazzy using CSS3 for presentation.

For anyone who manages their software development training, this software development training can be used to onboard new software developers, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a software development reference resource.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012: What You Need to Know

This Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 training has videos that cover topics including:

  • Programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3
  • Creating the document structure with HTML5
  • Interacting with HTML5 elements programmatically
  • Working with variables, objects & methods in JavaScript
  • Implementing program flow, event handling, exception handling and callbacks
  • Creating web workers
  • Validating user input with HTML5 and Javascript
  • Serializing, deserializing and transmitting data
  • Styling with CSS3: from layouts to adaptive UIs

Who Should Take Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Training?

This Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 training is entry-level software development training, which means it was designed for new software developers, or anyone trying to learn HTML, JavaScript, or CCS3.

New or aspiring software developers. Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is one of the more robust and well-supported integrated development environments (IDEs) on the market, and for new software developers, it makes sense to learn how it works and whether it’s the IDE you want to spend your career developing on. With this training, you’ll master Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and can decide if it’s for you in the long run.

Experienced software developers. Many software developers spend their entire careers working on one integrated development environment (IDE) and never consider changing over. If you’re a software developer with a few years of experience, you might be heavily invested in your IDE of choice, but you owe it to yourself to learn what Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 brings to the table, and this training will get you familiar with its tools and versatility.

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