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Flow-Based Development and Automation with Node-RED FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this flow-based development and automation course?

You'll learn how to break any problem up into data, imagine processes that operate on the data, and then create a network that connects all those processes together, with Node-RED flow-based development. This is great for IT folks because it means data goes into the system and data comes out.

Who should take this Node-RED training?

This Node-RED training applies to just about any IT professional, but it's especially useful for DevOps engineers. While anyone who's simply interested in automation will love this course, learning flow-based development is particularly useful for DevOps professionals with a couple years of experience under their belts.

Is this Node-RED training associated with any certifications?

Nope, there's no certification that this Node-RED course prepares you for. What that means is that you only learn the tools, techniques and approaches necessary for automating network behavior and producing flow-based development. You learn, first-hand, the actual skills involved and don't spend any time memorizing facts for some test.

What certification should you consider after taking this flow-based development course?

There really aren't any Node-RED certifications that are well-established enough to make a meaningful difference in your career at this point. After this training, you'll know more about Node-RED than the vast majority of DevOps professionals around the world, and your work will speak for itself.

Why should you take this course in flow-based development and automation with Node-RED?

You should take this Node-RED course in flow-based development and automation if any part of your job could be improved by learning a graphical programming language that lets you visually stitch together operations and processes to bring together web applications and produce novel, versatile GUIs.
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