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Android App Development FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What exactly is meant by Android app development?

Android app development refers to creating software applications ("apps") that run on the Android operating system (Android OS). People who develop apps for Android OS use programming languages like Java or Kotlin and combine them with the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), which is a collection of tools and services that speed up the development process. This course explains the entire process of developing Android apps and all the tools necessary.

What's the difference between Android app development and developing for different phone OS?

The major differences in developing for Android and a different phone OS lie in the languages and software development kit (SDK) that get used. On the surface, writing code, managing user interfaces, and handling data management are similar from one OS to the next. Android supports many different devices and device types, and comparing that to the hardware and software uniformity of Apple OS, for example, is when differences arise.

How can I as a beginner create my own Android app?

Beginner Android developers have different avenues for getting started. You could dedicate yourself to mastering Java, Kotlin and XML before writing any real code. A better alternative to that is a course like this, which starts simple by helping you see the entire app development landscape. Learn just enough Java to build and deploy a simple app, then build on that practical experience over time with increasingly challenging and thorough education.

Are there any certifications tied to this course on Android app development?

No, this isn't a course that's meant to help you pass a test or cram for any exam objectives. Instead, it stays focused on practical skills and knowledge related to developing in the Android ecosystem. You'll learn to install Android development tools, plan and build user interfaces, incorporate forms into your app, and link your code to data management resources. This course is a functional building block to future advanced Android app development.

Who should take this Android app development course?

Anyone passionate about mobile technology or eager to build interesting applications in the Android OS should take this course. From beginners just getting started in tech, to seasoned experts who haven't worked with Android before, this course helps orient you on what makes Android app development unique and gets you writing real code quickly. Frontend developers, hobbyists interested in coding, and anyone interested in mobile development are the perfect audience.
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