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Oracle Database 12c Administration Online Training


Ben Finkel


Oracle Database 12c Administration Online Training

In this intermediate Oracle skills training, Ben Finkel covers the essential Oracle skills you’d find in the 1Z0-071 and 1Z0-072 exams, which are the two required exams to earn the Oracle Database 12c R2 Administration Certified Associate certification.

Oracle is particularly popular among the largest companies in the world, but you’ll find Oracle databases in organizations of all sizes across industries. For that reason, certified Oracle database professionals are in high demand — and that includes proficiency with SQL.

After finishing this Oracle skills training, you'll know how to implement Oracle databases, create tablespaces, migrate data, manage user access, and monitor your database performance. If you’re already comfortable with SQL, this Oracle course will familiarize you with essential Oracle operations.

For anyone who manages their Oracle training, this Oracle training can be used for 1Z0-073 exam prep, onboarding new Oracle administrators, individual or team training plans, or as a Oracle reference resource.

Oracle Database 12c Administration: What You Need to Know

This Oracle Database 12c R2 Administration Certified Associate training maps to the 1Z0-073 database 12c exam objectives, and covers topics such as:

  • Using relational databases, Oracle SQL, and PL/SQL
  • Upgrading to Oracle 12c manually or by using the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)
  • Configuring net services, listeners, and local naming for connections
  • Using SQL*Plus to create, alter, and drop tablespaces
  • Creating, granting, or revoking users, privileges, roles, profiles, and quotas
  • Understanding backup types, incomplete and complete recovery, and data protection
  • Moving data and populating Oracle tables with Oracle Data Pump and SQL*Loader
  • Creating, managing, backing up, and restoring Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) databases

Who Should Take Oracle Database 12c Administration Training?

This Oracle Database 12c Administration training is considered administrator-level Oracle training, which means it was designed for Oracle administrators. This database 12c skills course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with database languages and experienced Oracle administrators looking to validate their Oracle skills.

New or aspiring Oracle administrators. Database administration is a growing and in-demand role. Completing this training will allow aspiring database administrations to learn fundamental Oracle 12c database concepts. Additionally, the training covers all the 1Z0-073 exam’s 12c database requirements. As a result, this training can both help you prepare for certification and make yourself more marketable.

Experienced Oracle administrators. The Oracle Database 12c Administration covers the fundamentals of Oracle 12c databases and allows you to get hands-on with virtual labs. Additionally, the training covers the 12c portion of the 1Z0-073 exam. As a result, completing this training can help prepare you fulfill that Oracle Database 12c R2 Administration Certified Associate certification requirement.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals (1Z0-071)

    Entry6 hrs 5 mins63 videos
  • Oracle Database Architecture

    Entry 47 mins8 videos
  • Oracle Network Environment Configuration

    Entry 34 mins6 videos
  • Creating and Managing Tablespaces

    Entry 34 mins7 videos
  • Managing UNDO Data

    Entry 18 mins5 videos
  • Backup and Recovery Concepts

    Entry 35 mins6 videos
  • Managing Database Instances

    Entry 23 mins6 videos
  • Administering User Security

    Entry 33 mins7 videos
  • Manage Storage Space with Oracle

    Entry 17 mins3 videos
  • Moving Data

    Entry 37 mins7 videos
  • Monitoring and Tuning Database Performance

    Entry 41 mins7 videos
  • Using Oracle Database Cloud Service

    Entry 26 mins5 videos
  • Oracle Database 12c Administration Learning Resources

    This Oracle training includes videos, in-video quizzes, and Oracle virtual labs hand-built by Ben Finkel.

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