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Simona Millham
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Microsoft Skype for Business FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Skype for business training?

This short course stays focused on a simple objective: make you a master in using Skype for Business, the collaboration and communication software that comes pre-loaded on many networks and devices. Learn how to use Skype for business and you'll be instant messaging, managing contacts, scheduling meetings and more.

Who should take this Skype for business course?

This Skype for business course is so short and so good, everyone who uses Skype should take it. Even people who use Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365 could benefit from this course, since Teams is an evolution of Skype. But the best audience is folks who use Skype daily.

Is this training in Skype for business associated with any certifications?

No, this Skype for business training is designed for practical application, not test preparation. In order to pass many certification exams, you have to memorize lots of dry facts and specific ways to answer certain questions. This course is about actually using Skype and not passing some test.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Microsoft Skype for business?

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't support Skype for Business certifications any longer. Even for administrators, the MCSE is no longer valid. For business users, if you really want to earn a Microsoft certification related to collaboration software, you have to upgrade to Microsoft 365 versions and earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals

Why should you take this Skype for business training?

You should take this Skype for business training so that you can understand and completely master the communication software you use every day – assuming that's Microsoft Skype for Business. Even tiny amounts of inefficiency pile up throughout the day. This course helps you eliminate all your inefficiency around using Skype.

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