Retired Course

Microsoft Word 2016 Online Training

Note: The exam associated with this course was retired. However, this course still retains value as a training resource.
This course is scheduled to retire on January 1, 2024.

In this foundational Microsoft skills training, Simona Millham will teach you to use basic, intermediate, and advanced Word features. This course will take the learner from a basic understanding of word processing to becoming a specialist user of Microsoft Word 2016.

You’ve probably used Microsoft Word. It’s really a question of whether you’ve been using Word to the fullest. Even the most advanced Word users will find a feature or function they didn’t know existed. Once you're done with this Microsoft training, you'll know how to use Microsoft's word processor — with practical examples taken from a business environment.

Beginning with core functionality such as working with text and files, the course progresses to more advanced techniques such as styles, mail merge, collaboration, templates, graphics, and reference tools — with lots of tips and tricks along the way. Be prepared to become more productive with Microsoft Word after completing this course.

For anyone who manages IT training, this Microsoft training can be used to onboard new technical and non-technical professionals, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Microsoft reference resource.

Microsoft Word 2016: What You Need to Know

This Microsoft Word 2016 training contains videos that cover productivity tools topics including:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • Page layout, bullets, and numbering
  • Headers and footers
  • File sharing and collaborative tools
  • Adding pictures and videos
  • Texts, charts, and Office add-ins
  • Reference tools, such as citations and bibliographies
  • Macros and equations
  • Using Word on multiple devices

Who Should Take Microsoft Word 2016 Training?

This Word 2016 training is considered foundational-level Microsoft training, which means it was designed for technical and non-technical professionals with no Word experience. With that said, even the most advanced Excel users will learn something they didn’t know from this training.

Productivity tools user training. No matter how often you use Word, or why, if you don’t know all of its buttons, options and functionality, you’re wasting time. Not only that, working with Word can be very frustrating if you don’t understand everything it’s capable of doing for you. Even something as simple as page numbering and auto-creating a table of contents can be done more easily than you may realize. With this training, you’ll be comfortable and confident with Word, no matter the context.

New or aspiring IT professionals. If you’re new to the IT field, you owe it to yourself to be familiar with all the tools you’ll work with throughout your career. It’s easy to dismiss a program like Word because you’ve been using it or something like it for so long, but the word processing program has a lot to offer in terms of efficiency and functionality. You’ll be spending a lot of your career in an office — get training in Word to make sure you’re as familiar with your office responsibilities as you are with your hardware, software and other IT responsibilities.

Experienced IT professionals. If you’ve been working in the IT field for several years, have you started to notice that more and more of your job responsibilities keep you working on paperwork or reports? As you gain seniority in a workplace, you can probably expect that office tools like Word will be how you get your job done. Save yourself time and effort later by getting trained in Word’s functions and options now — you’re going to need to know them eventually.

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