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Developing Azure App Service Web Apps, Mobile Apps, APIs, and Functions FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Azure App Service Web Apps course?

This course teaches Azure Web Apps – you'll learn what Web Apps is, what it's capable of, how you can use it to extend and improve the applications you develop and deploy, and how you can save money while using it. You'll learn the programming languages that Azure Web Apps supports as well as all the frameworks you can build on and still have it distributed and deployed by Azure.

Why take this course on Web Apps from Azure App Service?

You should take this course if you or your business develop applications, host them and/or deploy them to users. You don't even need to plan on using Web Apps to take this training – use this short course to learn what Azure has to offer and compare to other platforms. Take this course and make sure you don't make expensive mistakes – whether by overlooking or even while using Azure Web Apps.

Is this Azure Web Apps course associated with a certification?

No, this course in the Web Apps platform from Azure isn't tied to any particular certification. This course wasn't designed to help anyone pass a test, it exists purely to get people ready to actually use Azure's Web Apps platform. It's a relatively short course that zooms in on what Web Apps can do for your application deployment and gets you hands-on with the platform.

Is there a certification this Azure App Service Web Apps training can help prepare you for?

There are many Microsoft certifications related to Azure App Service and this course can help you prepare for parts of many of them. The most obvious would be Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate. This training isn't designed for its certifying exam, AZ-204, but some of its material is covered. The same is true of many other Azure-related certs – this covers crucial information, but not all of any one exam.

Who should take this Azure Web Apps course?

The best candidates for this Azure Web Apps course are web application developers and cloud administrators. Anyone who works on the deployment and management end of the app development cycle should get this Azure Web Apps training. After taking this course, you'll see just how much of the deployment and optimization process Azure can do for you automatically. Alternatively, if you do nothing but write code, you may not need this course.

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