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Microsoft OneNote Online Training


Simona Millham


Microsoft OneNote Online Training

In this foundational Microsoft skills training, Simona Millham teaches you how to use Microsoft OneNote, the free-form information gathering product used to collect notes, drawings, web clippings, and audio recordings.

Word is great for creating documents, but it’s not always the best tool for note-taking, particularly if you’re working with multimedia and text. That’s where OneNote comes in. Microsoft OneNote is your digital notebook. Whether it's emails, files, links, pictures, video, to-do lists, or other notes, just put it all into a OneNote file and save it for later.

Once you're done with this Microsoft skills training, you'll know how to work with text, tags, tables, and notebooks as you capture ideas and information that can be viewed later and shared with peers. If you’re new to using Microsoft OneNote, you’ll benefit from working through this course from the beginning. Experienced OneNote learners may find it more advantageous to jump into the Nuggets they find most valuable.

For anyone who leads an IT team, this Microsoft training can be used to onboard new technical and non-technical professionals, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Microsoft reference resource.

Microsoft OneNote: What You Need to Know

This Microsoft OneNote training has videos that cover productivity tools topics including:

  • Introduction to OneNote
  • Structuring notebooks
  • Working with text, video, and audio
  • Adding notes
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Sharing notebooks
  • Working in Microsoft Teams
  • Co-authoring
  • Using OneNote on mobile devices
  • Data backup and restore

Who Should Take Microsoft OneNote Training?

This Microsoft OneNote training is considered foundational-level Microsoft training, which means it was designed for professionals with no OneNote experience. This Microsoft OneNote course is valuable for new or aspiring IT professionals and experienced IT professionals. It’s also suitable for end-user training for OneNote.

Productivity tools user training. This training is great because it applies equally to office workers who are familiar with OneNote and how useful it can be, as well as anyone who doesn’t yet know what a helpful working aid it is. So whether you’ve used OneNote before, or have always ignored the “N” and scissors symbol in your computer’s system tray, get this training and start using OneNote to take notes, screengrab important facts and collaborate during meetings.

New or aspiring IT professionals. Microsoft OneNote training benefits newcomers to the technical and non-technical domains by giving them the tools they need to get started with OneNote. In the OneNote training, you will learn about working in OneNote, integrating OneNote with Outlook and Microsoft Teams, and data backup and restore.

Experienced IT professionals. When you were a junior IT professional, you probably spent most of your time in the actual execution of your job. But as you advance in seniority, you might find yourself in more meetings, collaborating with more non-technical or managerial professionals, and generally using tools you were never trained in. With this Microsoft OneNote training, you’ll be equipped to collaborate and work together with your peers with one of Microsoft’s most versatile collaborative sharing tools.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Microsoft OneNote

    Entry3 hrs 44 mins25 videos
  • Microsoft OneNote Learning Resources

    This One Note training includes videos and in-video quizzes.

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