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Google Cloud SQL Online Training


Ben Finkel


Google Cloud SQL Online Training

In this intermediate Google skills training, Ben Finkel helps learners understand Cloud SQL. While this Google skill isn't necessarily mapped to a Google exam, it's an excellent refresher for cloud administrators and a good place to start for anyone who needs to learn this GCP product.

Google Cloud SQL is a part of the Google Cloud Platform suite of products. Based on the widely-popular MySQL technology, Google's Cloud SQL product offers an easy way to get an RDBMS spun up in the cloud. Once you're done with this Google training, you'll know how to quickly provision and manage instances of MySQL for their database needs.

For supervisors, this Google training can be used to onboard new cloud administrators, as a Google reference resource, or curated into individual or team training plans.

Google Cloud SQL: What You Need to Know

This Google Cloud SQL training covers topics such as:

  • Understanding Google Cloud SQL
  • Knowing when to choose Google Cloud SQL
  • Managing instances
  • Handling accesses and authorizations
  • Exporting and importing data
  • Using MySQL Tools, Python, REST API and Client Library in Google Cloud SQL

Who Should Take Google Cloud SQL Training?

This Google Cloud SQL training is considered engineer-level Google training, which means it was designed for cloud engineers. This Cloud SQL skills course is designed for cloud engineers with three to five years of experience with GCP services.

New or aspiring cloud administrators. If you’re new to cloud engineering or if you’re considering getting into the field, you would benefit from knowing and understanding what Google brings to the field in terms of cloud database management. This Google Cloud SQL training will familiarize yourself with how to use MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server to interface with Google’s cloud relational database management service.

Experienced cloud engineers. If you’ve been a cloud engineer for several years, it’s possible you haven’t worked with Google’s Cloud SQL. Or if you have worked with it, you may not have ever gotten a start-to-finish training about how to set up, maintain, manage and administer relational databases through the Google cloud platform. This training will give you expertise in every aspect of using Google’s solution for relational database management.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Google Cloud SQL: Qualified Developer

    Intermediate2 hrs 51 mins17 videos
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