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Introduction to CMMC FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this CMMC training?

If you take this CMMC training, you'll learn two equally important things about keeping sensitive government data safe and secure. First, you'll learn how to actually keep all that data locked down. But second, you'll learn how to prove to government auditors and examiners that you're keeping it safe.

Who should take this course in CMMC?

Nearly everyone who works for any company that has contracts with the DoD should be seriously considering this CMMC course, especially IT security professionals. This is a very important course because the easiest way to lose juicy government contracts is to not have anyone certified according to NIST 800-171.

Is this CMMC training associated with any certifications?

Yes, this training is specifically designed to prepare learners for taking the CMMC exam and be qualified by the DoD to keep your company in accordance with DoD cybersecurity standards. The CMMC is easily one of the most important and lucrative certs in the DoD contracting world.

Are there other certifications to consider after taking this CMMC course?

Fortunately, the only certification you really have to worry about after taking this CMMC course is the CMMC itself. The federal bureaucracy may be massive and clunky, but in this case they stuffed all the DoD contract requirements into NIST 800-171 and you can stay focused on the CMMC alone.

Why should you take this CMMC course?

You should take this course because the DoD doesn't care how good you are at your job, they only want to know if you've passed the CMMC exam. By earning the CMMC, you give your company a much better chance of landing the most lucrative contracts.

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