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AWS Technical Essentials Online Training

Note: The exam associated with this course was retired. However, this course still retains value as a training resource.

In this AWS Technical Essentials training, Ben Finkel provides you with an overview of the tools and technologies that make up Amazon Web Services.

AWS Technical Essentials is a great starting point for brand new IT professionals looking to learn cloud technologies. The AWS training is foundational, which means it was designed for cloud administrators and non-technical professionals with no AWS experience. After watching this AWS training, you'll be familiar with AWS and the most important services, including EC2, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, Route53, and VPC.

For anyone who manages cloud training for their company, this Technical Essentials training can be used for AWS Technical Essentials exam prep, on-boarding new employees, AWS migration plans for both technical professionals and end-users, or included in a team training plan.

AWS Technical Essentials: What You Need to Know

This AWS Technical Essentials training covers these topics about AWS services and more:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): description, infrastructure, services, and management console
  • AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): storage options for EC2 instances and advanced features
  • AWS Simple Storage Service (S3): concepts, features, and functions
  • AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS): dynamic allocation of resources
  • AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and its place in today’s cloud environment
  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model and its application to AWS cloud users
  • AWS Security: security groups, network ACLs, and Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Demo: Identity and Access Management
  • AWS Relational Database Service (RDS), including SQL and NoSQL applications

Who Should Take AWS Technical Essentials Training?

This AWS Technical Essentials course is valuable for new or aspiring IT professionals, experienced cloud administrators looking to validate foundational skills, and non-technical professionals.

Cloud services user training. In addition to technical professionals, managers and other cloud business professionals will also benefit from the training. AWS Technical Essentials gives non-technical professionals a good overview of the AWS cloud technology that they are managing. Every professional involved in cloud computing should have the familiarity that this training provides.

New or aspiring IT professionals. For those just starting out, this AWS Technical Essentials training will provide a proper foundation in cloud computing. Coupled with some entry-level experience, this course will position an individual to step into a junior cloud role. Becoming certified in AWS Technical Essentials is a great boost for a new career in cloud computing.

Experienced IT professionals. While there is no substitute for experience, sometimes IT professionals will develop technical skills without a complete understanding of the business side. Since AWS Technical Essentials was designed for non-technical professionals, the course covers both the business and technical sides. For experienced cloud administrators, AWS Technical Essentials will improve their knowledge of the platform and fill in any blanks that may exist in their skill set.

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