Are you ready for CMMC?

Lead your organization through a CMMC audit with on-demand training.

Introduction to CMMC: What you need to know

This CMMC training will help security managers:

  • Identify the scope of audit goals

  • Analyze, define, and validate security controls

  • Perform a CMMC self-assessment

  • Set up an open-source SIEM for Level 3+

  • Automate the threat hunting process with RITA

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How to Prepare for the CMMC Audit

The CMMC is complicated. CMMC guidance isn’t as straightforward as it probably should be. Nonetheless, you still should be prepared to defend each security control to a third-party auditor. Time is money when dealing with C3PAOs. Prepare for your CMMC audit with CBT Nuggets training.

CBT Nuggets trainer Bob Salmans prepares security managers to:

  1. Understand CMMC Levels 1-5 practices

  2. Identify a target CMMC level

  3. Prepare your system for the CMMC audit

  4. Prepare documentation for CMMC auditors

  5. Pass the audit