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New Training: Describe VXLAN

by Team Nuggets
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Published on March 10, 2021

In this 5-video skill, CBT Nuggets trainer Jeff Kish explains Virtual Extensible Local Area Network (VXLAN). Learn about the need for scalable L2 fabrics. Gain an understanding of VXLAN operation, VXLAN use-cases, and more. Watch this new Cisco training.

Watch the full course: Cisco CCNP Enterprise Core

This training includes:

  • 5 videos

  • 21 minutes of training

You’ll learn these topics in this skill:

  • Intro

  • Scaling L2 Networks

  • VXLAN Operation

  • VXLAN Use-Cases

  • Review and Quiz

What is a VXLAN and How Does It Support an Overlay Network?

VXLAN or Virtual Extensible LAN is a tunneling protocol that allows layer 2 traffic (ethernet data) to be transmitted over a layer 3 protocol (or the IP layer). The reason for this development is due to some of the inherent challenges surround layer 2 type networking in large multi-location networks.

As organizations virtualize their physical environment, VLAN addressing has grown exponentially. So much so that the 24-bit addressing scheme that supports 4095 addresses does not suffice for today's modern data centers. To Address this, VXLAN provides 24-bit addressing, which increases the available addressing for network-connected devices to 16 million. This provides a tremendous benefit to large organizations or service providers that support many organizations. Also, as organizations span multiple locations, VXLANs allow multiple virtual machines to communicate within separate logical networks through the ability for Layer 2 VXLANs to transmit data on a Layer 3 infrastructure. These sublet differences allow organizations to seamlessly scale between physical locations and into the cloud with ease , minimizing the traditional VLAN model's inherent challenges.

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