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Core Services of Our Learning Experience


Concise, conversational, easy to watch and learn. The videos make the complicated simple.

Quizzes and Practice Exams

Quizzes integrated into the videos keep your focus on learning. Taking a practice exam after watching validates how much you learned.

Virtual Labs

A fully spun-up lab with one or more virtual machines to practice what you learn in real time is one click away.

Learner Community

An exclusive community of learners is available to post questions and answers. Helping a fellow learner to understand a concept is an excellent way to learn and reinforce.

Accountability Coaching

We'll make sure you accomplish your learning goals with a dedicated team of learning coaches.

Features Just Right For You

Offline Access

Download videos and learn anytime, anywhere with our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Certificates of Completion

Shareable certificates that validate your learning and help you celebrate the courses you watched.

Supplemental Files

Files and materials that supplement your video learning.

Certification Playlists

Easily find the courses you need to achieve your certification goals.

Study Plans

Week-to-week learning plans that break down certification prep into manageable tasks and include supplemental study materials.

Speed Control

Play videos at a faster or slower pace.

Closed Captions/Transcripts

Follow what the trainers are saying with ease.


Type up information to refer back to at a later time.


Mark important information for future reference.

Solutions For Your Team

Team Streaming Subscriptions

Our streaming subscriptions include unlimited access to every video we offer! As your team grows, you can add additional subscriptions directly from the CBT Nuggets website. Your learners can access content from the website, our mobile apps, and offline player.

Your subscription includes access to supplemental learning files, virtual labs, downloads, certificates of completion, Kaplan® IT Training practice exams, and accountability coaching.

Nugget Learning Server (NLS)

The Nugget Learning Server (NLS) is an on-site server containing every video in our library. The NLS is an excellent option for organizations that need to save bandwidth without sacrificing access. It’s easy to access learning content and admin tools in the browser interface, and to monitor progress with usage records.

NLS learning content is updated automatically for as long as the subscription is active. And with the NLS solution, learning content is available for life.


CBT Nuggets is compatible with Learning Management Systems (LMS) that support Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) or Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). LMS/LTI solutions are flexible, enabling you to keep track of what learning content is being delivered, where it’s going, and how it’s being used. Administering, tracking, and reporting team learning is simple and efficient.

Give access to the content your learners want, when they need it — without having to login to other sites..

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a free week?

You are eligible as a prospective new subscriber for a free week unless 1) you previously held a subscription or 2) you previously used or signed up for a free trial or free week. If you purchased a DVD or an Electronic Download Media (EDM) previously, you are eligible for a free week.

What features are included with a free week?

The free week provides you with access to our entire library of training videos, as well as all our features except Kaplan® IT Training practice exams. To access Kaplan® IT Training practice exams, you will need to forgo your remaining free days.

What if I want to enable my paid subscription before my free week ends?

You can enable your paid subscription and unlock Kaplan® IT Training practice exams at any time.

How do I cancel my free week?

At any time during your free week, you can choose to opt out of being rolled into a paid subscription. To do this, select the My Account section from the drop-down menu under your name in the upper right corner. Within the Subscription section you will find a "Turn off auto-renew" link under your payment details. You will retain access to our training through the end of your free week.

Am I obligated to purchase anything?

No, you can change your auto-renew settings at any time, which will cancel scheduled payments in the future.

Do you offer refunds?

No, but we offer a free week so that you can get a feel for the CBT Nuggets training experience before making your first payment.

Are there any training solutions for government/military entities?

Yes. Learn about what we can offer your team on our Goverment & Military IT Training page.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for team solutions or multiyear agreements.

Can I purchase single training courses?

No. Our subscriptions provide you with access to all of our training courses, rather than on a "per course" basis.

How often do you release training courses?

We typically release 4-5 new courses each month.

Can I pay monthly for all features?

Yes! All features are included. You can choose to pay for your subscription on a monthly, semiannual, or annual basis.

Can I download videos?

"Offline Training" is offered as a feature on our Android and iOS apps, enabling learners to download up to 10 hours of training that can be watched without internet connectivity.

Can I talk to trainers?

Due to their busy schedules, our trainers are unavailable to regularly interact with learners. To improve your learning experience, we offer a "Comments" link on each course page, as well as an online community where you can interact with other learners.


"Having a subscription to CBT Nuggets is one of the best training benefits our company could offer. There are no limits on what and how much I want to learn."

- Robert Mancini

"I use CBT Nuggets daily. It's an incredible resource and always talk to colleagues and friends - about how awesome it is. Kudos to Shawn Powers - great instructor."

- Matthew Dorn

"Your hard work is visible in the quality videos. I have been away from IT for a while, but you've brought me back into learning mode in a big way. Thank you."

- Todd Weedon

"I like having access to good quality training on the road or late at night; the CBT Nuggets mobile app gives me the flexibility I need. The feedback I get from my team on CBT Nuggets' training is similarly positive. I encourage them to find an hou..." Read More

- Philip O'Dwyer

"CBT Nuggets training is deeper than any other basic computer training I used before. The instructors are actually human with a sense of humor. It wasn’t so dry like some other products."

- Joey Parker