Choose the IT training plan that's right for you.

Plans & pricing

Enjoy the benefits of a team solution.

  • Add your entire team to your free trial once you sign up.
  • Teams of 5 or more that have premium annual plans are eligible for volume discounts.
  • Enjoy flexible team management.
  • View team training reports.

Team Streaming Subscriptions

Our streaming subscriptions include unlimited access to every video we offer — that’s more than 9,000 videos! With our team subscriptions, admins can add an unlimited number of viewers right from the CBT Nuggets website. Additional subscription charges will apply.

A Basic subscription includes access to NuggetLabs (supplementary training files) and mobile training via CBT Nuggets apps.

Premium subscriptions include all Basic features, plus virtual labs, offline training, Transcender practice exams, and accountability coaching.

Nugget Learning Server (NLS)

The Nugget Learning Server (NLS) is an on-site server containing every training video in our library. The NLS is an excellent option for organizations that need to save bandwidth without sacrificing access. It’s easy to access training and admin tools in the browser interface, and to monitor progress with usage records.

Any time a new course is completed, NLS administrators have the ability to download updates in order to maintain a complete, up-to-date training library. And with the NLS solution, the training content is available for life.


Does your organization use a Learning Management System? CBT Nuggets training is compatible with Learning Management Systems that support several Application Program Interfaces (APIs) including: Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC), or Tin Can. This makes it easy to provide our training solutions in variety of different ways — and keep track of what’s being delivered, where it’s going, and how it’s being used. Administering, tracking, and reporting team training is simple and efficient.

Give access to the training content your learners want, when they need it — without having to log in to other sites.

Access Codes

If you want to give users access to specific content, for specific time periods (such as an academic term), our access codes solution is for you. Tell us your training requirements, and we’ll create codes you can issue to your users. Users simply log in to your branded CBT Nuggets portal, input the code, and begin training.

Reporting is not available for access codes.

What features are available?
Features Basic Premium
Speed Control
Play videos at a faster or slower pace.
Complete icon sm Complete icon sm
Closed Captions
Follow what the trainers are saying with ease.
Complete icon sm Complete icon sm
Jot down information to refer back to at a later time.
Complete icon sm Complete icon sm
Pick up where you left off watching a video.
Complete icon sm Complete icon sm
Files/materials that supplement the video training.
Complete icon sm Complete icon sm
Offline Training
Our mobile apps offer the ability to download videos and train anytime, anywhere offline.
  Complete icon sm
Transcender® Practice Exams
These practice tests help you review your knowledge and prepare you for exams.
  Complete icon sm
Virtual Labs
Use a virtual environment to reinforce what you are learning and get hands-on experience.
  Complete icon sm
Accountability Coaching
Develop and maintain a study plan with assistance from coaches.
  Complete icon sm