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March 2012 with Garth Schulte

This video training with Garth Schulte covers the basics of programming with Microsoft software, including topics such as storage and data types, polymorphism, database connection methods, and more. Recommended skills: - Experience using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition - Knowledge of software development Recommended equipment: - Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Related certifications: - Various Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Exams Related job functions: - Software developers Whether you're looking to begin a career in software development, freshen up on your fundamentals, study for the 98-361 MTA exam or just learn how to develop software for fun...the road starts here for software developers! In this fantastic series from .NET 4 guru Garth Schulte, you'll gain a solid foundation in programming. Garth will help you understand the software development lifecycle, learn how to solve problems using algorithms, and build applications that target the desktop, the web, servers and databases. You'll become comfortable using the wildy popular C# programming language and Microsoft's latest and greatest runtime engine, the .NET Framework 4.0. And of course, you'll finish the course ready to pass the 98-361 exam. Certification shows employers you know your stuff - and if your goal is the MCTS exam, 98-361 will serve as an important stepping stone to that incredibly marketable certification!

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Java Essentials
Python Programming
Microsoft Programming .NET 4 Software Development Fundamentals 98-361
Manage Access to AWS Resources
Setup an AWS Development Environment
Monitor Azure Services with App Insights
Azure Caching and Content Delivery
Develop Azure Logic Apps
Develop Azure Event-Based Solutions
Establish Azure API Gateways
Integrate Azure Search
Data Structures with Pandas
Object-Oriented Programming with Python
Querying Databases with Python
Develop for Azure Scalability