Database Administration

Continue developing your database skills with an admin approach.

Database administrator has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The training in this area of expertise can help you learn the skills and knowledge required of database administrators. Learn about Microsoft Access and get started with SQL. This training also prepares you for several database certifications, including MCSE SQL Server. Topics covered in this training include structured query language and automation.

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24 hours 132 Videos 14 Courses
Course Title
Manage Storage Space with Oracle
Monitoring and Tuning Database Performance
Using Oracle Database Cloud Service
Administering User Security
Moving Data
Backup and Recovery Concepts
Managing Database Instances
Managing UNDO Data
Oracle Network Environment Configuration
Creating and Managing Tablespaces
Oracle Database Architecture
Microsoft SQL Server: Database Fundamentals (98-364)
Microsoft SQL Server 2014: Designing Database Solutions (70-465)
Microsoft SQL Server 2014: Developing Databases (70-464)