Mac OSX for IT Administrators

On the Job Training

Total Videos : 18 Course Duration: 05:58:43
1. Introduction (00:04:03)
2. OS X Basic Orientation (00:24:40)
3. Disk Management and Maintenance (00:19:39)
4. User Accounts and Security (00:27:13)
5. File and Application Management (00:23:26)
6. Printing and Other Peripherals (00:19:47)
7. Core Networking and Network Troubleshooting (00:18:25)
8. Network Services and Sharing (00:23:06)
9. Setting System Preferences (00:18:34)
10. Backup and Recovery (00:21:16)
11. Terminal Windows Crash Course (00:19:49)
12. Built-in Applications (00:24:05)
13. Consuming Windows Based Resources (00:13:31)
14. Ongoing Maintenance (00:22:15)
15. What Else? Remote Control, Useful Utilities, and More (00:17:38)
16. Advanced Integration with a Windows-Based Network (00:17:51)
17. Missing Links: Getting Key Windows Features on a Mac (00:23:11)
18. Boot Camp: Windows on a Mac (00:20:14)
This video training with Don Jones covers using Windows on a Macintosh, including topics such as network services and sharing, file and application management, and more.

Recommended skills:
  • Experience using Windows
  • Experience using Macintosh computers

Recommended equipment:
  • Macintosh computer
  • Windows for Macintosh

Related certifications:
  • None

Related job functions:
  • IT professionals

Wouldn't it be cool to add "Mac guru" to your resume? This Don Jones video takes you deep into the OSX and shows you how to use your existing Windows skills to operate a Mac. It's perfect training for Windows "Power Users" who find themselves using or supporting Mac computers in a business environment or at home.

By the time you're done watching you'll be monitoring and maintaining Macs, performing most basic desktop support tasks (such as configuring, networking, managing files and folders, and configuring security), and operating and configuring advanced features (such as Time Machine, wireless networking, and MobileMe).

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