Certified Ethical Hacker Course

by James Conrad

Total Videos : 21 Course Duration: 11:28:13
1. Course Introduction (00:28:41)
2. Hacker Terms (00:29:16)
3. Hacker Procedures (00:35:54)
4. Using VMWare (00:26:42)
5. Using Linux (00:49:17)
6. Passive Intelligence Gathering Part 1 (00:27:44)
7. Passive Intelligence Gathering Part 2 (00:31:43)
8. Social Engineering (00:33:24)
9. Network Reconnaissance Part 1 (00:33:33)
10. Network Reconnaissance Part 2 (00:30:25)
11. Service Identification and Enumeration (00:33:03)
12. Vulnerability Assessment: Nessus & GFI Languard (00:35:35)
13. Vulnerability Assessment: Network Sniffing (00:26:35)
14. SNMP (00:34:55)
15. DNS (00:33:01)
16. Password Cracking (00:44:13)
17. Exploits Part 1: Linux (00:36:58)
18. Exploits Part 2: Windows (00:34:09)
19. Web and File Exploits (00:24:36)
20. Wireless Security (00:37:56)
21. Erasing Tracks (00:20:33)

Exam update: This course maps to an older version of the Certified Ethical Hacker exam objectives. James Conrad has produced an update to this course titled EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker v7.0

In this course, you'll learn the five steps of a hack. You'll also learn legal considerations for working as an Ethical Hacker. You'll learn all about passive intelligence gathering, and get suggestions for gathering critical information through social engineering.

Because the work you do as an Ethical Hacker can prevent significant harm to businesses, companies will pay you top dollar to do some of the most interesting work in information security.

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James Conrad

James Conrad

CBT Nuggets Trainer

CompTIA A+, Server+; Certified Ethical Hacker; Microsoft MCSA, MCSE, MCITP, MCTS

Area Of Expertise:
Microsoft, including Windows Server, Windows Server administration, and Active Directory Design; hacking and security; photography and digital imaging. Author of the Server+ Guide to Advanced Hardware Support.

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