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PowerShell 3 Foundations

Course Duration: 07:14:10
A brief outline of this series, along with information on setting up your own PowerShell lab environment. You'll also find URLs for the series' online companion content and other useful learning resources.
Meet PowerShell
Get some of the first PowerShell "gotchas" out of the way, decide which experience you'll use to access PowerShell, and learn about some of the most common initial points of confusion.
Using the Help System
The single most important PowerShell skill is being able to use its help system, and you'll learn all of the tricks, ins, and outs for doing so.
Running Commands
Start getting used to PowerShell's syntax and terminology, and learn a variety of ways to run both internal and external commands.
Working with Providers
PowerShell's system of providers is an important part of the shell's extensibility and management approach - and too few classes spend any time teaching you this critical technology! Learn everything there is to know about providers and how to use them in a variety of situations.
The Pipeline: Connecting Commands
Learn how PowerShell's pipeline, when properly used, can often eliminate the need for long, complex scripts. Focus on importing and exporting data, converting data to different output forms, and more.
Adding Commands
PowerShell was designed for extensibility, and the ability to add commands is what lets it connect to, and manage, so many different technologies. Learn how this works, and how to discover for yourself what commands you have to work with.
Objects: Just Data by Another Name
You need to get in-sync with some PowerShell terminology in order to continue, as well as learn some tricks for letting PowerShell teach you about the data it knows how to work with.
The Pipeline, Deeper
Mastering the PowerShell pipeline is the best way to become a shell expert. Learn how data is passed between commands, and how you can manipulate that process to achieve your administrative goals.
Formatting, and Why it's Done on the Right
Learn to take the output of any PowerShell command and create beautiful (well, good) looking output for the screen, printer, or text file - and learn the "gotchas" that trip people up the most!
Filtering and Comparisons
Learn to focus on exactly the data you want to see by filtering it right within the pipeline.
Remote Control: One on One, and One to Many
Learn the basics of PowerShell's incredible Remoting, the technology that makes managing a hundred servers as easy as managing just one.
Using Windows Management Instrumentation
Learn about WMI - and its new cousin, CIM - and how they provide access to a wealth of management information through PowerShell.
Multitasking with Background Jobs
Get PowerShell to do several things at once using its integrated jobs mechanism. You'll learn about many types of jobs, including scheduled and WMI jobs, to give you maximum flexibility and functionality.
Working with Bunches of Objects, One at a Time
PowerShell is all about batch management - doing something to several targets in just one action. Sometimes that means having PowerShell repeat some task over and over against a bunch of targets - and you'll learn how to do that.
Security Alert
This short Nugget will focus on PowerShell's security system for scripting, including recommendations and under-the-hood details of how it all works.
Variables: A Place to Store Your Stuff
As you start doing more with PowerShell, you'll need to become familiar with variables, a way of temporarily storing data in-memory and re-using it in numerous ways.
Input and Output
You'll often need to write scripts that interact with human beings, and PowerShell offers a few ways to do that. Not all of them are good, though - so you'll learn what to do, and when, and how to stick with the "PowerShell way" to get maximum reusability from your creations.
Sessions: Remote Control with Less Work
Learn how to create persistent, reusable Remoting connections, store them in variables, and manage them.
You Call This Scripting?
Start with a command and turn it into a parameterized, reusable script that can be easily distributed to, and used by, your less-technical colleagues.
Improving Your Parameterized Script
Take your scripts to the next level by adding mandatory parameters, validating input, adding verbose output, and more.
Additional Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
A roundup of additional things you'll find useful, including profiles, more operators, string and date manipulation, and more.

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THIS COURSE WILL RETIRE May 1, 2014. See updated PowerShell training from Don Jones in the Windows PowerShell v2-v3-v4 Ultimate Training course.

This PowerShell video training with Don Jones covers the latest version of Microsoft’s task automation framework, including using the help system, formatting, scripting, and more

Recommended skills:
  • Experience using previous versions of PowerShell

Recommended equipment:
  • Microsoft PowerShell version 3

Related certifications:
  • Not applicable

Related job functions:
  • IT professionals

Ready to learn Windows PowerShell? Learn from the best: Microsoft MVP award recipient Don Jones, author of "Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches," presents a video training series that will help you master PowerShell's foundations with absolutely zero prior experience.

Using a friendly, approachable style and a carefully planned outline, Don introduces you to PowerShell's ins and outs, one piece at a time. With a focus on teaching you how to use PowerShell to actually teach yourself, you'll become "immediately effective" in just a few short lessons, and start exploring some of PowerShell's high-end capabilities. Full of clear demonstrations and advice for avoiding the most common pitfalls and "gotchas," this is the perfect way to learn Microsoft's new command-line and scripting technology.


00:00:00 - Windows PowerShell Foundations.
00:00:03 - Hi, I'm Don Jones.
00:00:04 - And in this series, I'm going to teach you how to use
00:00:07 - Windows PowerShell, even if you have got no experience
00:00:10 - whatsoever in command line shells, or scripting, or
00:00:14 - programming.
00:00:15 - You don't need any of it.
00:00:16 - You know the saying, if you give a man a fish he'll eat
00:00:19 - for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he'll depopulate
00:00:22 - an entire ocean ecosystem in just two generations?
00:00:25 - Well, we're going to go for the latter approach.
00:00:28 - I'm not only going to teach you how to use PowerShell, I'm
00:00:30 - going to teach you how to use it to teach yourself how to
00:00:33 - accomplish real administrative tasks in PowerShell.
00:00:37 - Let me show you how we're going to do it.
00:00:39 - We'll start with this introduction, where I'm also
00:00:41 - going to give you some information on what kind of
00:00:44 - lab environment you might want to set up, so that you can
00:00:46 - kind of follow along and practice the things that
00:00:48 - you're learning.
00:00:49 - Then we'll jump right in, and I'll let you meet PowerShell,
00:00:52 - show you how to use the help system, get right into
00:00:55 - actually running commands, show you how
00:00:58 - to worked with providers.
00:00:59 - And providers are something that a lot of people overlook
00:01:02 - when they're learning PowerShell, and I'm not going
00:01:04 - to let that happen to you.
00:01:06 - Then we will start diving into the PowerShell pipeline, part
00:01:09 - of what makes it such a unique shell and management tool.
00:01:13 - Show you how to add some commands, get some terminology
00:01:16 - straight with objects, dive deeper into the pipeline, once
00:01:20 - we've kind of gotten that under your belt.
00:01:22 - Talk about formatting your output, make it nice and
00:01:25 - pretty, and how to filter information out of the
00:01:28 - pipeline, so that your results only contain the exact data
00:01:31 - that you need them to contain.
00:01:34 - Then it'll be on to remote control, and the various ways
00:01:37 - to use those technologies, using Windows Management
00:01:40 - Instrumentation.
00:01:42 - We'll talk about getting partial multitasking with
00:01:44 - background jobs, and focus on working with bunches of things
00:01:48 - in a single operation with working
00:01:50 - with bunches of objects.
00:01:53 - Then we're going to start tiptoeing into the world of
00:01:55 - actual scripting, sort of lightweight programming.
00:01:58 - And before we do that, we need to cover a
00:02:00 - few security concerns.
00:02:02 - We'll also talk about variables, how to display
00:02:05 - output and retrieve input from users.
00:02:07 - We'll kind of circle back to remote control, and talk about
00:02:10 - remote control sessions.
00:02:12 - That's going to utilize variables, which is why we
00:02:14 - kind of need to do it in this order.
00:02:17 - And then if you picked this up thinking it was going to be a
00:02:19 - scripting course, think again, because we're mainly going to
00:02:22 - be running commands from the command line.
00:02:23 - But once we've perfected those commands,
00:02:27 - you call this scripting?
00:02:28 - We're going to actually re-use those commands, and make some
00:02:31 - tools that could be distributed to our colleagues.
00:02:34 - And then we'll improve on those a little bit, add some
00:02:36 - maturity, and some neat little things to them.
00:02:39 - And then we'll wrap up with just some additional tips,
00:02:41 - tricks, and random techniques.
00:02:44 - Now, I suggest you set up a little lab environment for
00:02:47 - yourself, so that as you're learning new things, you can
00:02:49 - practice them.
00:02:50 - And as we go, I'll try and give you some ideas for things
00:02:52 - you might want to practice on your own.
00:02:55 - As far as what you need in that lab, 100% of what you're
00:02:58 - going to learn can be accomplished on Windows 8, or
00:03:02 - Windows Server 2012.
00:03:04 - If you happen to have access to Windows Server 2012, set it
00:03:06 - up as a domain controller, if possible.
00:03:09 - Now, I'm assuming you already know how to do that.
00:03:11 - If you don't, don't sweat it.
00:03:13 - Or you can hop on Google, or Bing, and find out a pretty
00:03:16 - quick set of tutorials to get a domain
00:03:18 - controller up and running.
00:03:20 - Now, if you don't have those latest versions of Windows,
00:03:23 - about 90% of what you're going to see can also be done as is
00:03:28 - in Windows Server 2008 R2 after you've installed
00:03:32 - PowerShell version three, which is a free download from
00:03:34 -
00:03:36 - If you don't even have that, and all you've got to play
00:03:38 - with is a Windows 7 computer, that's fine.
00:03:41 - About 80% of the examples I'm going to show will work on
00:03:44 - Windows 7 once you've installed Powershell version
00:03:47 - three, which again, is a free download from
00:03:52 - 100% of what I'm going to show you is applicable to all of
00:03:55 - these, it's just some of the examples I'm going to show you
00:03:58 - to illustrate the different techniques rely on features
00:04:01 - that are only in the newer versions of Windows.
00:04:04 - So that's why you kind of get a declining thing.
00:04:06 - Now, if you're on XP, stop right here.
00:04:09 - We are going to be talking about Powershell version
00:04:11 - three, and it doesn't run on XP, so you are going to have
00:04:14 - to get something that was made within, I don't
00:04:16 - know, the last decade.
00:04:18 - Bring things up to something new, so that
00:04:20 - you can play along.
00:04:21 - Now, if you want, you can check out a company called
00:04:25 -
00:04:26 - They make a pretty inexpensive, cloud based
00:04:29 - virtualization environment where they'll let you spin up
00:04:31 - virtual machines in whatever version of Windows you want
00:04:34 - to, so that you can get a cloud based virtual
00:04:37 - environment to play with.
00:04:38 - They're not available in all countries, and there is a fee
00:04:41 - associated with it if you use it past the trial period, but
00:04:44 - it's an option for you.
00:04:45 - Or, if you've got access to a hyper-v server, just download
00:04:49 - a Microsoft VHD test drive image.
00:04:51 - That's a fully installed, ready to go Windows operating
00:04:55 - system that you can play with for as long as you want to.
00:04:59 - You just need to be able to drop it onto a hyper-v server,
00:05:02 - which you can also get free of charge from
00:05:04 - Microsoft, if you need to.
00:05:06 - Just a few online resources that I want you to keep in
00:05:09 - mind as you kind of go throughout this series.
00:05:11 - If you get stuck any time in PowerShell, not just with
00:05:14 - this, but if you get stuck any time, there's a couple of
00:05:16 - great websites you can go to to get
00:05:18 - your questions answered.
00:05:19 - and, I
00:05:23 - recommend them both.
00:05:24 - If you're looking for some more reading, you'd like to
00:05:26 - take your PowerShell skills a little bit further, check out
00:05:29 -
00:05:30 - It's a great and growing kind of curated book review, book
00:05:34 - recommendation site.
00:05:35 - The next one's real important.
00:05:37 - If you'd like some formal, hands on labs to go along with
00:05:41 - the Nuggets that you're about to watch, go to
00:05:43 -
00:05:45 - Click on the cover title, Learn Windows PowerShell 3 In
00:05:49 - A Month Of Lunches, and in downloads section, you'll find
00:05:52 - a lab guide, sample lab answers.
00:05:55 - You'll find a bunch of other free downloadable stuff that
00:05:58 - just kind of helps reinforce some of the things you'll be
00:06:01 - learning throughout these Nuggets.
00:06:02 - It's all free.
00:06:02 - You don't have to register for any of it.
00:06:04 - It's all there just for the taking.
00:06:06 - And finally, if you'd like to connect with me, looking up on
00:06:09 - Twitter, @concentrateddon.
00:06:11 - With that said, it is time to jump in and do some
00:06:14 - PowerShell.
00:06:15 - Let's go.

Meet PowerShell

Using the Help System

Running Commands

Working with Providers

The Pipeline: Connecting Commands

Adding Commands

Objects: Just Data by Another Name

The Pipeline, Deeper

Formatting, and Why it's Done on the Right

Filtering and Comparisons

Remote Control: One on One, and One to Many

Using Windows Management Instrumentation

Multitasking with Background Jobs

Working with Bunches of Objects, One at a Time

Security Alert

Variables: A Place to Store Your Stuff

Input and Output

Sessions: Remote Control with Less Work

You Call This Scripting?

Improving Your Parameterized Script

Additional Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

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Don Jones

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Windows Server, PowerShell, VBScript, Exchange Server, SQL Server, IIS, Visual Studio / .NET Framework, Mac (particularly interop on a Windows network), security/identity management, virtualization (including VDI), network infrastructure management. Author of more than 30 books, including: Windows PowerShell: TFM; VBScript, WMI, and ADSI Unleashed; Managing Windows with VBScript and WMI; Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches; Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches; and PowerShell in Depth: An Administrator's Guide.

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