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Your IT Future Is In The Cards

If you haven’t cracked open your deck of IT Fortune Telling Cards, do so now! They are a fun, easy way to gain new perspective on where to focus your training, how to challenge your thinking, and how to leverage your Lucky Numbers! Select one card from the options below; first impressions are everything! Read the card and find one word or phrase that resonates. Take that with you throughout the day to inspire and bring perspective!

Switching Careers
Zoltar’s Advice: Now is the time to contemplate a new opportunity. Whether it is a different job, a different career focus, or specializing in a new technology, now is the time to learn, prepare, and be thoughtful about making a switch.
Zoltar’s Magic Word For You: 0111000001101100011000010110111001101110011010010110111001100111
Key Themes: Preparation, Training, Possibilities
Affirmation: Anything I aspire to can be achieved.
Challenge: What challenges can you see? How can you avoid them?
Deep Thought: Every hour spent training saves 5 hours of lost productivity.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 11, 23, 43, 107, 229
Routing Your Energy
Your Energy
Zoltar’s Advice: You should channel your energy into creating a learning plan based on the the area of expertise that interests you. Leverage online training to focus on development opportunities that spark your passion for technology.
Zoltar’s Magic Word For You: 010000100110010101101100011010010110010101110110011001010000110100001010
Key Themes: Focus, Spark, Light
Affirmation: When I channel my energy, anything is possible.
Challenge: If you aren’t in tune with your energy, lethargy can take hold.
Deep Thought: Online training requires 40% less time than classroom training.
Lucky Numbers: 7, 19, 53, 131, 163, 263
Serving Up Possibilities
Serving Up
Zoltar’s Advice: Spend time contemplating your career and the skills you need to create the inspiration and magic to take you to the next level. With the right focus, training, and application of skills, anything is possible.
Zoltar’s Magic Word For You: 010100000111001001100101011100000110000101110010011001010000110100001010
Key Themes: Motivation, Possibility, Opportunity
Affirmation: Train the mind, set the intention.
Challenge: Set intentions for what you hope to achieve. It shall manifest and become so.
Deep Thought: If you train 20 minutes every workday, you will train 82 hours in a year!
Lucky Numbers: 5, 29, 67, 193, 281, 439
Don't Cloud Judgement
Don't Cloud
Zoltar’s Advice: Dark clouds may impact your judgement when you are not thinking clearly. Keep your focus by taking time to contemplate the career path you want, and the skills needed to make it happen.
Zoltar’s Magic Word For You: 01000011011011000110000101110010011010010111010001111001
Key Themes: Clarity, Perception, Open-mindedness
Affirmation: When I lift my head and look around, I realize anything is possible.
Challenge: Don’t let poor planning and judgment hold you back.
Deep Thought: For every $1 spent on training, companies receive $30 in productivity gains.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 59, 211, 307, 421, 773
Authenticate Your Life
Your Life
Zoltar’s Advice: You have the ability to live a life that is true to your values, passions, and dreams. Make sure your training and career path align with your authenticated self, both inside and outside of work.
Zoltar’s Magic Word For You: 011101100110000101101100011101010110010101110011
Key Themes: Sincerity, Trust, Validation
Affirmation: When you are true to yourself, anything can happen.
Challenge: If you do not stop and listen to what you want, it will never come to fruition.
Deep Thought: If you train 20 minutes every workday, you will train 82 hours in a year!
Lucky Numbers: 7, 37, 83, 277, 349, 607
Understand Your Masks
Your Masks
Zoltar’s Advice: When you wear different masks in your life you may be projecting personas that aren’t true to the real you. Make sure you aren’t masking your potential by putting up walls and closing off opportunities to retrain your brain and your on-the-job skills.
Zoltar’s Magic Word For You: 010000100110010100100000010110010110111101110101
Key Themes: Inspiration, Mindset, Capability
Affirmation: You have the ability and are empowered to achieve anything.
Challenge: Create a plan and follow that plan.
Deep Thought: Online training increases retention by up to 60%.
Lucky Numbers: 13, 101, 179, 293, 389, 599
Creating Your Sequel
Your Sequel
Zoltar’s Advice: You have the potential to create your next chapter. It is up to you to sit down and write the script for what you want your sequel to look like. Anything you dream and believe is possible with planning and training. Dare to create new challenges.
Zoltar’s Magic Word For You: 01000100011100100110010101100001011011010000110100001010
Key Themes: Manfiesting, Seeking, Planning
Affirmation: What you dream can be your reality.
Challenge: Without a plan and training, you will not reach your destination.
Deep Thought: "When your team learns new skills that improve their performance and their own quality of life, you create a magic combination that results in happy employees and great business." - Keith Barker, CBT Nuggets Trainer
Lucky Numbers: 2, 23, 89, 179, 233, 631
Understand Your Layers
Your Layers
Zoltar’s Advice: You are a complex individual who has many layers. Take time to develop each of your layers so that you can embrace life from the physical aspects, to how you apply what you have learned and what you know.
Zoltar’s Magic Word For You: 01010010011001010110011001101100011001010110001101110100
Key Themes: Introspection, Reflection, Possibility
Affirmation: I seek to understand what challenges and motivates me.
Challenge: Understand whether you are encapsulating your life, or if de-encapsulation is possible.
Deep Thought: "Training helps our brains stay sharp and focused, and it both encourages and challenges your team to figure out faster, more efficient ways of accomplishing tasks." - Chris Ward, CBT Nuggets Trainer
Lucky Numbers: 31, 101, 211, 347, 421, 641
Career Config
Zoltar’s Advice: You can configure the career that you want. You must be diligent in your planning, in your training, and in surrounding yourself with those who will help challenge and guide you. Create your plan and put it into action immediately.
Zoltar’s Magic Word For You: 0100011001101111011000110111010101110011
Key Themes: Mentorship, Application, Diligence
Affirmation: You can configure the career of your dreams.
Challenge: When you don’t have a focused plan, it is difficult to stay on track.
Deep Thought: CBT Nuggets subscribers can access more than 10,000 videos on over 200 topics.
Lucky Numbers: 7, 83,157, 229, 367, 521
Set Sail, Find New Ports
Set Sail,
Find New Ports
Zoltar’s Advice: Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. Find new experiences, new things to learn, and opportunities to grow. You have the ability to determine your destination, so take the time to look at your career path and pick the ports that bring you the most job satisfaction and fulfillment.
Zoltar’s Magic Word For You: 01001001011011100111001101110000011010010111001001100101
Key Themes: Inspiration, Mindset, Capability
Affirmation: You have the ability and are empowered to achieve anything.
Challenge: If you don’t set your own course, it is easy to float the open sea for too long.
Deep Thought: "People like the feeling of empowerment that training gives them and good training is clearly seen as a benefit by employees." - Simona Millham, CBT Nuggets Trainer
Lucky Numbers: 19, 71, 199, 347, 487, 733