Planning Your Team's Training

Study plans can help you and your team attack your training strategically, using baselines, specializations, and pathways to ensure training success.

Step 1: Identify the baseline

Define the minimum skill set necessary for day-to-day functionality. For example, many managers working with help desk, networking, or systems administration teams, require all team members to certify in CompTIA Network+.

Step 2: Identify specializations

Next, identify the skills, concepts, or areas of specialization that can most benefit the organization. If your team could grow in several directions, talk with team members to determine their tech passions, and assess how those interests align with the needs of the organization.

Step 3: Develop study plans

Study plans can help keep your team on track. Managers should consider developing plans with weekly benchmarks. This allows your team members to commit to their training, while also ensuring that they can be nimble in their response to work demands. And study plans provide managers with the documentation needed for accountability.