Case Study

Bytes Computers

Building a Capable and Efficient 'Team of Experts'

Bytes Computers serves thousands of users with a dozen IT pros by using self-paced training to build a team of experts who work and learn independently.

Team Profile

Team Members: 12

End-Users: 1600

Industry: IT Consulting

Location: Scottsbluff, NE

Best-Practices for Nimble IT Teams

Fundamental Concepts

Effective troubleshooting requires a foundation in core concepts.

Diverse Specialties

Individual team members build specific expertise that allow the team to tackle more challenging projects and help managers adapt to the changing needs of an expanding organization.

Tools for Success

Teams that have quick and easy access to key information are more likely to develop independence and expand their skills through "on-the-job" learning.

Support Professional Growth

With the pace of day-to-day operations, training doesn't happen automatically. An infrastructure and incentives will ensure a return on training investment.

Sample Training Policy

Create the infrastructure to develop a workplace where training is valued - and rewarded. Delve into this sample training policy and make it your own!

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"Customers consistently praise our availability and the consistent quality of our work. And we are able to do that because clients are able to get excellent service from anyone on the team."

Clint Bergman
Chief Technology Officer
Bytes Computers


Bytes team of twelve manages 50 business clients over 231 servers and 1600 workstations in a variety of industries with a broad spectrum of needs, from a rural hospital to a local autobody shop.

The company has also doubled in size over the last two years, Clint Bergman, Chief Technology Officer, who oversees team development says that Bytes recognized that their growth required, "a real change in methodology."

"In our business everyone on staff needs to know everything about everything. Our challenge has been to develop, in each team member, both [the] necessary foundation and the specific knowledge to be able to build an entire system for clients. "

Using CBT Nuggets' library of on-demand training, as well as included services like accountability coaching and reporting, Bytes has built a training infrastructure that prepares everyone on their team to deliver expert and efficient IT support. "We pride ourselves on the depth of our relationships with our customers," Clint says. "Customers consistently praise our availability and the consistent quality of our work. And we are able to do that because clients are able to get excellent service from anyone on staff."

Building a Knowledge Base

Bytes generally requires every employee to complete the CompTIA Network+ certification before moving into a specialization. Clint says, "Understanding core concepts of networking is crucial. If you can learn how to follow the data, you know how things are supposed to work and see where they have gone astray."

As a manager in a growing business, Clint has begun to develop his project management skills using CBT Nuggets. He says, "The ‘Project Management in the Real World' [videos] have helped me tremendously to understand how theory applies to our own project planning. In fact, we used the downloadable templates from that course – like budget spreadsheets, and project charters – and adapted [them] for the project proposals we send to clients."

Diverse Specialities

Beyond that fundamental knowledge, Bytes encourages team members to follow their interests and develop deep knowledge within their specialties, so they have the capacity to address more challenging projects. And CBT Nuggets' expansive library allows the team to train for a wide variety of certifications.

Access to Expertise

In addition to certification training, the CBT Nuggets video library has become a consistent and quality reference resource for Bytes team members. The ability to quickly access thousands of videos on hundreds of topics saves time for team members who need a quick refresher on a topic they've learned in the past, or need new knowledge to complete a particular task. Clint says, "Our back-end programmer, who does all our SharePoint and SQL, will often need a very specific bit of information, like how to set up service accounts, and he can quickly watch just that particular video."

Supporting Professional Development

Bytes allows all team members an average of two hours per week for training, financially incentivizes earning certifications, and encourages the team to take advantage of CBT Nuggets' accountability coaching service - through which individual learners can request regular check-ins from CBT Nuggets coaches who help them stick to their learning goals.

As part of quarterly reviews, Bytes uses CBT Nuggets reporting features to assess each team member. Their training progress is included in their regular performance reviews, which are tied to compensation.

This investment in training has been well worth it for Bytes; Clint says he answers a lot fewer requests for information from team members wrestling with new challenges, and being able to track training progress helps him identify employees who are ready and eager to take on new challenges.