Offline Training

Never miss an opportunity to train. With CBT Nuggets' offline training feature – available through the CBT Nuggets mobile app – you can download up to 10 hours to watch anytime, anywhere. The offline training feature syncs all viewing data from the app back to your account once you reconnect online.

Using Offline Training

In the CBT Nuggets mobile app, browse the courses you have access to and select the download arrow next to the videos to mark them for download. You can download directly from a course page or from the Offline Training page. Downloading can be done using any internet connection; however, we recommend using Wi-Fi to avoid data usage overage fees on our mobile apps. For this reason, your offline training settings are set to use Wi-Fi only. You may change this default within your app settings. Once the videos are fully downloaded, you can view them by navigating to the Offline Training page and selecting the videos you want to watch. Once finished, you may delete the videos and download more by simply clicking the "edit" button. Download the app today to start training offline.

Download the app today to start training offline.