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Virtualizing Networks with VMware NSX Online Training


Jacob Moran


Virtualizing Networks with VMware NSX Online Training

In this intermediate VMware skills training, Jacob Moran covers the network virtualization objectives in the 2V0-642 exam, which is one of two exams required to earn the VCP6 - Network Virtualization (NSX) certification.

Whether NSX has already been rolled out and your job is going to be to maintain it, or you’re going for your NSX VCP, this VMware training has something for you. VMware NSX is a huge product, but Jacob breaks it down into smaller chunks that are a little more palatable. It starts with an introduction to software-defined networking and progresses to advanced topics like configuring DHCP and NAT on an NSX Edge services gateway. Whether you're installing NSX for the first time or you're in charge of maintaining your NSX environment, this course is for you.

Once you're done with this VMware training, you'll know how to install VMware NSX, operate and administer NSX, and deploy VXLANs, logical switches, distributed logical routers (DLRs), and Edge Service Gateways (ESGs). You’ll also get into the NSX advanced services covered on the VCP6-NV NSX exam.

For anyone who manages network infrastructure training, this VMware training can be used for 2V0-642 exam prep, onboarding new virtualization professionals, individual or team training plans, or as a VMware reference resource.

Virtualizing Networks with VMware NSX: What You Need to Know

This VCP6 - Network Virtualization (NSX) training covers 2V0-642 network virtualization exam objectives, including these topics:

  • Understanding NSX fundamentals and terminology
  • Building virtual switches and routers
  • Working with distributed routers
  • Using the CLI effectively in an NSX environment
  • Implementing dynamic routing
  • Configuring the NSC Edge Firewall
  • Monitoring NSX networks
  • Using the NSX API
  • Troubleshooting NSX resources
  • Backing up and upgrading NSX

Who Should Take Virtualizing Networks with VMware NSX Training?

This Virtualizing Networks with VMware NSX training is considered professional-level VMware training, which means it was designed for virtualization professionals. This network virtualization skills course is designed for virtualization professionals with three to five years of experience with network infrastructure.

New or aspiring virtualization professionals. Because virtualization professionals are in such high demand, and VMware is one of the most popular vendors in the space, certified virtualization professionals are highly marketable. If you’re just starting out in your career in virtualization, this is advanced training in using VMware’s command line interface, configuring firewalls, troubleshooting routes, and more that can help you see the big picture of all the moving pieces of virtualization you’ll eventually need to master.

Experienced virtualization professionals. This professional-level VMware NSX training can apply to experienced virtualization professionals for a number of reasons. If your years of experience have been on VMware competitors like Cisco, Nutanix or Juniper, this training can help familiarize you with how NSX differs from those providers. Or if you’ve been working on NSX, but learning as you go along, this training can help give you a concrete grounding in the fundamentals and advanced concepts of virtualizing networks with VMware NSX on your way to earning your VCP6 - Network Virtualization certification.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • VMware NSX Introduction

    Intermediate 44 mins8 videos
  • Install NSX

    Intermediate1 hr 17 mins9 videos
  • NSX Initial Configuration and Component Deployment

    Intermediate 38 mins5 videos
  • NSX Software-Defined Switches

    Intermediate1 hr 9 mins7 videos
  • NSX Distributed and Edge Routers

    Intermediate 53 mins7 videos
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols on NSX

    Intermediate 40 mins4 videos
  • High Availability Routers on NSX

    Intermediate 31 mins4 videos
  • Layer 2 Bridging using NSX Distributed Logical Routers

    Intermediate 13 mins2 videos
  • Use Universal Switches and Routers on NSX

    Intermediate 29 mins4 videos
  • NSX Load Balancers

    Intermediate1 hr 7 videos
  • Tunneling using NSX VPN

    Intermediate 59 mins7 videos
  • Use NSX for Network Services (DHCP, DNS, NAT)

    Intermediate 48 mins7 videos
  • Basic NSX Edge and Distributed Firewalls

    Intermediate 26 mins4 videos
  • NSX Delegation

    Intermediate 12 mins2 videos
  • NSX Automation and Integration

    Intermediate1 hr 3 mins8 videos
  • NSX Logging, Auditing, and Monitoring

    Intermediate1 hr 4 mins12 videos
  • Troubleshoot NSX

    Intermediate 48 mins9 videos
  • Back Up and Upgrade NSX Installation

    Intermediate 21 mins3 videos
  • Virtualizing Networks with VMware NSX Learning Resources

    This VMware training includes videos and in-video quizzes.

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