Microsoft SQL Server 2014: Developing Databases (70-464)

May 2015 with Garth Schulte

  • Advanced
  • 36 videos
  • 10 hrs 32 mins
The labs for this course have been deprecated. However, this course still retains value as a training resource.The exam associated with this skill has been retired. However, this skill still retains value as a training resource.

This Microsoft SQL Server training course with Garth Schulte covers Microsoft’s SQL Server database server, including how to design, implement, optimize, and troubleshoot SQL Server 2014 database and programming objects.

70-464 is the first exam for the SQL Server MCSE: Data Platform certification (retiring March 31, 2017, being replaced by the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certification). This SQL server training will help you prepare for the 70-464 exam and beyond by covering Microsoft's exam objectives.

The 70-464 exam and this course cover the following general topic areas: Implementing database objects; implementing programming objects; designing database objects; and optimizing and troubleshooting queries. Let's BEGIN!

Note: An instructional PDF has been added to the Supplemental Files for your use within the Virtual Lab.

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Garth Schulte
Garth Schulte

Videos in this skill

  1. 2. Tables (16:47)
  2. 4. Data Types (14:08)
  3. 6. Data Integrity (10:53)
  4. 9. Security (13:23)
  5. 11. Indexes (23:41)
  6. 14. Views (10:38)
  7. 16. Stored Procedures (13:12)
  8. 20. In-Memory Features (10:48)
  9. 22. Data Files (13:14)
  10. 23. Demo: BLOB Storage (12:34)
  11. 25. XML Data (16:27)
  12. 27. Query Tuning (21:17)
  13. 28. Demo: Query Tuning (24:36)
  14. 29. Concurrency (21:02)
  15. 30. Demo: Concurrency (23:24)
  16. 31. Automation (12:07)
  17. 32. Demo: Automation (18:01)
  18. 33. Managed Code (10:46)

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