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MySQL Online Training

This foundational MySQL training prepares learners to create, configure, maintain, and deploy MySQL databases for web applications.

MySQL: What You Need to Know

This MySQL training has videos that cover topics including:

Who Should Take MySQL Training?

This MySQL training is considered foundational-level MySQL training, which means it was designed for developers with 1 to 3 years of experience — or no experience at all. This MySQL course is valuable for new or aspiring IT professionals, experienced developers looking to validate foundational skills, and non-technical professionals.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Introduction to MySQL

Entry 51 mins6 videos

Create Tables in MySQL Databases

Entry 53 mins7 videos

Creating Tables with Constraints in MySQL

Entry 53 mins6 videos

Writing Select Queries in MySQL

Entry 56 mins5 videos

Working with Date and Time in MySQL Databases

Entry 51 mins5 videos

Understanding Windows in MySQL SELECT Statements

Intermediate 52 mins5 videos

Using MySQL Window Functions in SELECT Queries - New

Advanced 56 mins6 videos

Writing User-Defined Routines in MySQL

Intermediate 50 mins5 videos

Using MySQL Triggers to Automate Database Activities

Intermediate 51 mins6 videos

Learn MySQL Views

Intermediate 58 mins6 videos

Using Regular Expression Functions in MySQL

Advanced 55 mins5 videos

Partitioning Tables in MySQL Databases

Advanced 53 mins5 videos

Learn MySQL Table Indexes

Entry 49 mins6 videos

Understanding MySQL Storage Engines

Intermediate 57 mins6 videos

Learn MySQL Database User Configuration

Intermediate 52 mins5 videos

Learn MySQL Database Privileges

Intermediate 55 mins6 videos

Backup and Restore MySQL Databases - New

Entry 48 mins5 videos

Use the MySQL Shell to Manage MySQL Databases

Intermediate 50 mins5 videos

Use PowerShell to Query MySQL Databases

Intermediate 56 mins5 videos

Manage MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin

Entry 49 mins6 videos

Use Python to Manage MySQL Databases

Advanced 50 mins5 videos

Running MySQL on Azure

Entry 54 mins4 videos

Running MySQL on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Entry1 hr 2 mins5 videos

Configure Active Directory Authentication for MySQL in Amazon RDS - New

Intermediate 51 mins6 videos

Configure InnoDB Cluster for MySQL - New

Advanced 49 mins4 videos

Storing and Querying JSON Data in MySQL - New

Intermediate1 hr 3 mins5 videos

Using MySQL as a Document Storage System - New

Intermediate 49 mins5 videos

Managing Documents in MySQL Document Store - New

Entry 57 mins6 videos
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