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MCSE: SQL Server 2012/2014 (70-465) Online Training


Garth Schulte


MCSE: SQL Server 2012/2014 (70-465) Online Training

In this expert Microsoft SQL Server 2012 training, Garth Schulte covers the objectives in the 70-465 exam, which is one of the exams you can take to to earn the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certification.

MCSE: Data Management and Analytics requires that you pass any one of eight SQL Server or Cosmos DB certifications. Each of them validates a specific data skill set. The 70-465 exam this training prepares you for validates that you know how to design and build databases. After you complete this 70-465 training, you’ll be ready for the Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server exam.

Even if you’re not planning to get your MCSE (or don’t have an MCSA yet), this training is valuable for anyone who wants to learn how to properly structure a database.

For anyone who leads a technology team, this SQL Server 2012 training can be used for 70-465 exam prep, onboarding new database administrators, or used as part of a team training plan.

70-465: What You Need to Know

This MCSE: SQL Server 2012/2014 training maps to the Microsoft 70-465 exams objectives, and covers topics such as:

  • Database structure design: business requirements, partitioning strategy, migration, server instances, backup and recovery
  • Database design and database objects: database model, tables, automation strategy, transactions
  • Database security design: application strategy, object security permissions, instance-level security configurations
  • Troubleshooting solutions: maintenance strategy, high availability
  • Performance monitoring at the instance level

Who Should Take 70-465 Training?

This SQL Server 2012 training is considered professional-level Microsoft training, which means it was designed for database administrators. This 70-465 course will validate the extensive experience most database administrators have with Microsoft servers.

Early career database administrators. If you recently started your career in database administration, you’re probably generally familiar with database architecture and structure -- you might even have some previous training in their design. But without formal training in standard practices in database design and implementation, you run the risk of not only setting up subpar or insecure databases, but you might also be overlooked for advancement without a certification like the MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014. Formalize your training and validate your abilities with this training and the subsequent certification.

Experienced database administrators. Very experienced database administrators will already have extensive knowledge of the systems they support. But formal training from qualified CBT Nuggets instructors can help them fill in the gaps in their database knowledge and skills. When it comes to formal database structures and designs, there are industry best practices that it can be hard to understand without formal training. What feels right to you as an experienced database administrator could very well be insecure, unstable or inefficient. With our MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 training, you can rest assured your experience is coupled with the industry’s best practices.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014: Designing Database Solutions (70-465)

    Advanced1 hr 19 mins5 videos
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