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Azure Virtual Machines Online Training


Chuck Keith


Azure Virtual Machines Online Training

In this intermediate Microsoft skills training, Chuck Keith covers the virtualization objectives in the AZ-103 exam, which is one of two exams required to earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification.

Deploying one VM in Azure is pretty easy, but managing hundreds of them starts to get a little tricky. That’s where Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates and VHD templates come in. After completing this Azure Virtual Machine training, you’ll know how to automate the deployment of Windows and Linux virtual machines in Azure — an essential skill for any capable cloud administrator.

For IT managers, this Microsoft training can be used for Azure Administrator exam prep, in on-boarding new cloud administrators, or as part of a team training plan.

Azure Virtual Machines: What You Need to Know

This Microsoft training maps to the AZ-203 virtualization exam objectives and covers topics such as:

  • Understanding Azure Resource Management (ARM) templates
  • Creating, editing, deploying and redeploying ARM templates
  • The steps of automating and debugging VM deployment
  • Optimizing and improving Azure VMs
  • Managing Azure VMs by configuring availability sets and zones
  • Optimizing VM networking and storage
  • Creating a virtual machine lab with Windows and Linux

Who Should Take Azure Virtual Machines Training?

This Azure Virtual Machines training is considered administrator-level Microsoft training, which means it was designed for cloud administrators. This virtualization skill course is designed for cloud administrators with three to five years of experience with Azure infrastructure.

New or aspiring cloud administrators. New cloud administrators will want to eventually plan and prepare for the AZ-103 test which contributes to your Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification. This Azure Virtual Machines training covers the virtualization section, and for new administrators, it can provide the foundation to mastery of Azure virtual machines. If your company relies on virtual machines, getting this training can secure your position as the expert on their maintenance.

Experienced cloud administrators. The AZ-103 exam is an attractive certification for cloud administrators with several years of experience, and this Azure Virtual Machines training covers everything about virtualization that you’ll encounter on the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate exam. If the exam and certification don’t appeal to you, the training is still extremely useful -- it can round out and finalize anything about virtual machines you’re shaky on.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Create and Configure a VM for Windows and Linux

    Intermediate1 hr 17 mins11 videos
  • Automate Virtual Machine Deployment

    Intermediate 56 mins9 videos
  • Manage Azure Virtual Machines

    Intermediate1 hr 10 mins10 videos
  • Manage Virtual Machine Backups

    Intermediate 30 mins5 videos
  • Azure Virtual Machines Learning Resources

    This Azure infrastructure training includes videos, in-video quizzes, and a complete Kaplan IT Azure infrastructure practice test.

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