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Implement Azure Backup
Import and Export Data to Azure
Configure Azure Files
Beyond Email, Calendar, and Contacts in Outlook for Office 365
Beyond Email, Calendar, and Contacts in Outlook 2019
Use Outlook for Office 365 Contacts
Work with the Outlook for Office 365 Calendar
Work with the Outlook 2019 Calendar
Consolidate Multiple Accounts with Outlook 2019
Consolidate Multiple Accounts with Outlook for Office 365
Microsoft Windows 10: Manage Apps and Data
Microsoft Windows 10: Policies and Profiles
Microsoft Windows 10: Manage and Protect
Manage Email Efficiently with Outlook 2019
Manage Email Efficiently with Outlook for Office 365
Microsoft Windows 10: Deploy and Update
Organise Email in Outlook 2019
Organise Email in Outlook for Office 365
Outlook 2019 Fundamentals
Outlook for Office 365 Fundamentals
Azure Pricing and Support
Deploy Azure Virtual Machines with Code
Microsoft Excel 2019
Microsoft Excel for Office 365
Azure Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust
Core Azure Services
Azure SQL Essentials
Microsoft PowerShell 6 Foundations
Azure Cloud Concepts
Microsoft Word 2019
Microsoft Word for Office 365
Microsoft Project Essentials
IT Expert: Office 365 Domain Structure, ADMT, and Federations
Microsoft OneNote
Using Skype for Business
Using Windows 10
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
Microsoft Windows 10: Configuring Windows Devices (70-697)
Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Fundamentals
Microsoft Windows 10: Installing and Configuring (70-698)
Microsoft Outlook 2016
Microsoft Excel 2016
Microsoft SQL Server: Database Fundamentals (98-364)
Microsoft Word 2016
What's New in Office 2016
Microsoft PowerShell 4 Foundations
Microsoft Visio 2013
Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System Fundamentals
Microsoft Programming .NET 4 Software Development Fundamentals 98-361
Application Deployment
Administer Office 365 With PowerShell
Implement Network Connectivity and Remote Access Solutions
Manage Authentication and MFA
Manage Microsoft 365 Subscription and Tenant Health
Create and Configure a VM for Windows and Linux
Manage Azure AD Identities and Roles
Plan Migration of Users and Data
Plan and Manage Identity Synchronization
Implement Domain Name System (DNS)
Manage and Monitor Servers using Windows Admin Center
Create and Configure Storage Accounts in Azure
Microsoft Windows 10: Advanced Management Topics
Analyze Resource Utilization and Consumption with Azure
Setup Microsoft 365 Tenancy and Subscriptions
Develop Access Controls with Azure