Introduction to Google App Engine

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Google Cloud App Engine FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Google Cloud App Engine training?

You'll learn how to use Google's serverless, fully managed app deployment platform to build apps and deploy them around the world. The right application, built the right way, can transform a business into something practically unrecognizable. Production cycles get shorter, oversight and quality control are improved, profits increase, and meetings get shorter and more productive when well-written applications are hosted and deployed in a scalable way. Learn that way in this course.

Why take this Google Cloud App Engine course?

You should take this training if you ever plan to write, deploy, or scale an application. Google's serverless platform makes it possible to write, test, containerize and deploy your application and this Google Cloud App Engine training will show you how to make the most of the platform. On top of that, take this training and learn how to A-B test your applications and roll out upgrades.

Is this App Engine course associated with a certification?

No, this Google Cloud App Engine course is no longer associated with a valid certification. Google had supported a certification that this training prepared learners for, but Google dropped many certifications and transitioned them to role-based ones. But this training was never meant to be solely test preparation material – the course shows you how to use and optimize the App Engine, and you don't need a certification to do that.

What certification can this App Engine training prepare you for?

After you take this Google App Engine training, you might be fired up and in the mood for a certification. Google's only foundational certification, Cloud Digital Leader, has only a small section related to App Engine features. The only associate-level cert, Cloud Engineer, is much the same. The Professional-level Cloud Developer exam has the most material related to this App Engine training, but it also has a lot of content that isn't covered in this course.

Who should take this Google App Engine training?

Anyone who develops applications and wants to learn more about serverless deployment platforms should take this training. This isn't exactly a development course – there are other courses for learning programming languages and development. This is a deployment course – and deployment is an essential step for any developer who actually wants to get their app in the hands of people who'll use it.