This Week: Learning More Effectively
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This Week: Learning More Effectively

There's studying for exams — and then there's studying for IT certification exams. Cert exams are a different beast due to their technical nature and how in-depth they can be. This week on the blog, we looked at how you can maximize your learning efforts and be more prepared come testing day.

Using Bloom's Hierarchy to Boost Your Studying

Get more out of your online training efforts by applying a true and tried framework for learning and mastering new material — and be more prepared for upcoming IT certification exams.

Why Everyone Should Use Active Learning

We all learn differently. That said, a combination of both active and passive learning is recommended to really boost your learning when it comes to IT certification. We explore both styles of learning and how they can effectively be used in tandem.

How to Ace Your Next Certification Exam

You're in a groove. You've got a study plan in place and training is now part of your routine. But how do you handle the final stretch to exam day? We put together a list of ways to ensure you're ready to conquer your exam.



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