Skills Update: March 13, 2020
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Skills Update: March 13, 2020

In the last week, we released nine skills for these certs and technologies:

  • CompTIA Linux+ (XKO-004)
  • Implement Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls
  • SharePoint 2016
  • Windows 10 User
  • Windows Server 2019

CompTIA Linux+ (XKO-004)

Manage Remote Cloud Storage with Rclone

Join Shawn Powers as he teaches you how to use rclone to manage data in remote cloud storage devices. Learn how to install rclone using several different methods, how to create your own rclone applications and API pools, how to configure rclone to work with Google Drive, and how to use rclone to copy, move, and sync files on the command line. Gain an understanding of rclone encryption and rclone mounts.

Watch this Linux training.

Implement Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls

Implement Cisco Meraki MV Security Cameras

Join Knox Hutchinson as he covers the features of Cisco Meraki MV cameras and teaches you how to use cameras to monitor your environment. Learn how to deploy a camera from the Dashboard, how to configure retention and quality settings on your camera, how to create a camera profile, and how to configure zoom, focus, night vision, and more.

Watch this Meraki training.

Implement Cisco Meraki Switches

Join Knox Hutchinson as he covers the Cisco Meraki switch offerings. Learn how to manage Meraki switches from the dashboard and how to perform basic switch configuration.

Watch this Meraki training.

Implement and Secure Meraki WiFi Networks

Join Knox Hutchinson as he teaches you about the Cisco Meraki Wireless suite of products and their capabilities. Learn how to design and deploy a wireless network with security in mind, how to secure an SSID, and how to set up a profile and associate it with an access point (AP). Gain an understanding of Meraki monitoring and dashboarding.

Watch this Meraki training.

Secure and Monitor Cisco Meraki Switches

Join Knox Hutchinson as he teaches you how to implement Cisco Meraki security features like access-control lists (ACLs) and schedules. Learn how to deploy Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 ACLs on your switches, how to secure your switchports by deploying port schedules, and how to monitor and troubleshoot your switching environment.

Watch this Meraki training.

SharePoint 2016

Configure SharePoint Authentication

Join Jacob Moran as he teaches you how to configure different authentication types for SharePoint websites. Learn how to configure a SharePoint web application zone to support anonymous authentication, how to create an authentication mode web application in PowerShell and promote it to a claims-based authentication web application, and how to configure Active Directory and SharePoint infrastructure to support Kerberos. Gain an understanding of Basic authentication, Digest authentication, SAML authentication, anonymous user policies, forms-based authentication web applications, and more.

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Design the Logical Architecture of SharePoint

Join Jacob Moran as he teaches you how to create SharePoint websites, site collections, and sites that meet end-user needs. Learn how to delegate permissions to allow others to be Farm administrators, how to define managed service accounts from Active Directory, how to deploy a web application using SharePoint Central Administration, and how to configure the PowerShell CLI or ISE to support the SharePoint add-in. Gain an understanding of the components of managed paths, the SharePoint logical architecture, and the relationships between web applications, service applications, service application proxies, and service application proxy groups.

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Windows 10 User

Windows 10 Touch Capabilities

Join Simona Millham as she covers the touch capabilities of Windows 10. Learn how to set up your device for touch so you don't have to use a mouse and keyboard, how to use a tablet pen as mouse, how to ink in Microsoft Office and Windows apps, and how to input text by using an on-screen keyboard, the handwriting input panel, or dictation. Gain an understanding of Microsoft Whiteboard and the customization options you can apply to your tablet pen.

Watch this Windows 10 training.

Windows Server 2019

Pwning with PowerShell

Join Garth Schulte as he covers the purpose of PowerShell and teaches you how to use variables, control flow, and loops. Learn how to create a real-world script to back up event logs from all the servers in an environment, how to predict resource utilization and take action by using System Insights, how to automate basic administrative tasks, and how to parameterize, document, and automate PowerShell scripts. Gain an understanding of popular development environments and resources you can use to master the PowerShell language.

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