Skills Update: July 10, 2020
Skills Update: July 10, 2020
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Skills Update: July 10, 2020

In the last week, we released two skills for these certs and technologies:

  • Advanced CICD Automation with Cisco and Nornir
  • Cisco DNA Center

Advanced CICD Automation with Cisco and Nornir

Manage Secrets for Automation

Join John McGovern as he teaches you how to securely manage your secret credentials in an automated environment. Gain an understanding of the well-tested cryptographic software suite, GPG. Learn how to use the getpass module within Python for secure and portable password input, how to use the sys.argv list in Python to dynamically pass in command-line arguments to a Runbook, how to separate and decouple hard-coded credentials from scripts by using environment variables, and more.

Watch this Python training.

Cisco DNA Center

Prepare Your Network for DNA Center Discovery

Join Knox Hutchinson as he dives into the first major networking task of DNA Center: Inventory and Discovery. In this skill, you’ll prepare a network for DNA Center discovery and management.

Watch this Cisco DNA training.

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