Skills Update: February 7, 2020
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Skills Update: February 7, 2020

In the last week, we released five skills for these certs and technologies:

  • AWS Essentials
  • CompTIA Linux+
  • Soft Skills for Business

AWS Essentials

Choose a Datastore at AWS

Join Bart Castle as he teaches you how to choose an appropriate AWS datastore based on data use and access pattern criteria. Gain an understanding of data and workload characteristics, such as sizing, rate, concurrency, and quality concerns. Learn about relational databases, contextual-document databases, graph databases, and in-memory datastores. Cover AWS services, such as RDS, TimeStream, ElasticSearch, MemcacheD, Redis, and QLDB.

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Plan for DevOps CI/CD Pipelines at AWS

Join Bart Castle as he covers the components and value of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) for DevOps teams. Gain an understanding of the Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, and Operate phases. Learn how to write and edit code by using tools like Cloud9 and CodeStar, how to use CodeCommit and CodeBuild, how to deploy tested software by using CodeDeploy, and more.

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CompTIA Linux+

Deploy and Execute Basic BASH Scripts

Join Shawn Powers as he teaches you how to create, deploy, and execute BASH scripts in a Linux environment. Learn how to specify your interpreter, how to reference a script within another script, how to add comments to your code, and how to create Kill messages that'll properly display on STDERR. Gain an understanding of shell expansions, special variables, conditional statements (if-then), while loops, for loops, and more.

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Understand Orchestration Processes and Concepts

Join Shawn Powers as he covers the concepts of system orchestration. Gain an understanding of DevOps and the difference between agent and agentless configuration management. Learn how to gather data by using DevOps systems and how to deploy an application without installing an underlying operating system.

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Soft Skills for Business

Time Management Strategies

Join Simona Millham as she covers a variety of tips and techniques you can use to manage your time better. Learn how to identify and protect your most productive time during the day, how to handle procrastination, and how to avoid distractions. Gain an understanding of time management techniques and how to use technology to be more effective with your time.

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Ultimate Systems Administration Cert Guide

A 158-page guide to every Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, AWS, Google, and Linux certification, and how they fit into your career.

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