This Week: When to Study and How
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This Week: When to Study and How

Sometimes, buckling down and studying isn't enough. To maximize your learning, you'll want to put some strategy behind your study efforts. This week on the blog, we explored how to determine your optimal study time, why online learning can benefit you, and why you should avoid exam dumps.

Why Exam Dumps Don't Work

Studying for IT cert exams is often challenging. You may be tempted to take shortcuts. Whatever you do, avoid exam dumps. Honestly, they just don't work. We take a closer look at why exam dumps are ineffective.

How to Figure Out When You Study Best

Set yourself up to pass IT certification exams by identifying when you study best — whether you are an early bird or night owl. We look at the pros and cons of studying at different times of day, so you can tailor your study habits to your learning preferences.

Learning Online is Just as Effective as a Classroom

Self-paced learning offers a ton of flexibility, but also requires a lot of discipline and planning to be effective. That said, we argue that online learning is just as effective as traditional learning methods. Here's our reasoning.