This week: Key Terms for Sysadmins
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This week: Key Terms for Sysadmins

You might be looking for some help with a Linux sysadmin cert. Or you might just want a deeper dive into system administration. This week, we explored some key terms and commands you'll need to know.

When to Use Chmod vs. Chown

Interested in government IT jobs? Many agencies, including the Army and Navy, use Linux. This overview of two popular GNU Core Utilities should help you hit the ground running in both real-world projects and *nix-related certification studies.

20 Linux Commands You Need for the A+ (and Beyond)

CompTIA's A+ hallmark certification is one of the top entry-level certifications in the IT industry. First-time cert-seekers should check out this blog post for an introduction to some basic Linux commands.

DNS Records Explained

Working with DNS involves an understanding of what DNS records are. Let's dive a little deeper and look at eight common DNS records — and explain what they do.



Ultimate Networking Cert Guide

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