This Week: A Complete Guide to Provisioning
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This Week: A Complete Guide to Provisioning

Wherever you are in your VMware Certified Professional journey, we've got you covered. From desktop and mobility, data center virtualization, to network virtualization — you'll be interested in this week's blog.

VDI: A Guide to Citrix Provisioning Technologies

When it comes to provisioning, you should consider Citrix technology. They've made serious inroads in recent years. Explore the different provisioning options with Citrix — and pick the one best for your needs.

VDI: A Guide to VMware Provisioning Technologies

Previously, we covered Citrix's provisioning technologies. Up now is VMware. Here's a comprehensive look at provisioning technology, VMware-style.

Virtualization: The Evolution of Profile Management

Implementing a VDI infrastructure can be challenging. There are a lot of moving pieces to consider. That said, don't overlook the importance of profile management. It can be a lifesaver for sysadmins.



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