This week: Kubernetes
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This week: Kubernetes

Kubernetes can run and orchestrate containerized applications across a cluster of machines. The open source platform is designed to help developers tackle issues such as high availability and load balancing. If one container goes down, another needs to pick up the slack. That's where Kubernetes comes to the rescue. Properly configuring Kubernetes ensures your next elastic cloud solution can handle the load.

This week, we looked at the difficulty level of learning Kubernetes, whether the CKAD certification is right for you, and determining which platform best suits your app orchestration needs.

Is It Hard to Learn Kubernetes?

Is Kubernetes hard to learn? It depends on who you ask. Honestly, it comes down to your familiarity with containerization — and platforms like Docker.

Is the CKAD Worth It?

Developers, rejoice! There's a certification for Kubernetes, the CKAD. Explore what the CKAD exam covers and who benefits most from earning the certification.

Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm: Which to Learn

Kubernetes or Docker Swarm? When it comes to containerization and app orchestion, they are the cream of the crop. Determine which platform is the best fit for your needs.



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