Championing Learning and Social Justice
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Championing Learning and Social Justice

Everyone deserves equal access to social, political, and economic rights — as well as opportunities. At CBT Nuggets, we are committed to social justice and supporting social justice organizations. 

That's why we're proud to announce that NuggetLove, our corporate responsibility arm, has established a new social justice initiative to provide financial support to various organizations that advocate for social justice causes. 

"Our focus has always been humanitarian work, and social justice is a humanitarian ideal," said Shelly Galvin, CBT Nuggets' director of engagement. "We truly believe in and work for equal access to wealth, opportunities, and privileges everywhere."

As part of this initiative, we are selecting social justice organizations to support and will be matching any CBT Nuggets employee donations to those organizations. 

Social justice organizations that are interested in participating in the CBT Nuggets social justice initiative are encouraged to apply here. 

Thank you for your continued support of CBT Nuggets. By doing so, you're helping us make a difference every day.



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