This Week: The Right Support Job
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This Week: The Right Support Job

While some may use a support role as a stepping stone to an IT role, you may enjoy working in support. If IT support interests you or suits you, why not make a career of it? This week on the blog, we explored ways to make the most out of a career in IT support.

Making a Career Out of Support

Working in an IT support role isn't always glamorous. But it's arguably as important as any other IT role. If you enjoy helping people, solving problems, and have a lot of patience, it can be a rewarding career.

How to Find the Right Support Job for You

Not all IT support jobs are created equal — and it takes a special skillset and mindset to thrive in support roles. To increase your odds of being successful and handling the grind, it's important to find the best fit for you.

Career Progression after Level 3 Support

Traditionally, Level 3 represents the highest level of support within organizations. So, what's next for a Level 3 support specialist? We explored how these expert-level support specialists can continue to grow their careers.